116lbs lost Before and after pics



  • 30musha30
    30musha30 Posts: 114
    Great job!
  • chermuna
    chermuna Posts: 1
    Wow. So if I just build myself up to 3 miles for 5 nights and follow you plan I'm amazed on what I would look like
  • chrystee
    chrystee Posts: 295 Member
    My starting weight was 301 pounds and i am 6' tall 28 years old. I now weigh 185 pounds. I went from a size 42 pants to a size 32 and xxl shirts to mediums. I started using my fitness pal for every single meal, snack, stick of gum etc and cut out all the fast food/junk food/soda i was eating/drinking. My wife and i run 3 miles 5 nights a week and both feel great. I never thought i would be able to do this. It has been a truly amazing journey. Thank you MFP!!!



    You look awesome! Congrats to you!
    Me and my husband work out together, and its a good time to bond.
  • lakota1307
    lakota1307 Posts: 73 Member
    dude that is fantastic!!!!!!!! I hope I can post pictures like that one day !
  • Amazing! Great job!!
  • Bella1hud
    Bella1hud Posts: 530 Member
    You look amazing! Congratulations!
  • msjjz
    msjjz Posts: 6 Member
    just amazing! congrats to you!
  • shierrarobin
    shierrarobin Posts: 181
    Congratulations. I'm happy you were able to reach your goal. I hope I can stay as motivated as you. :)
  • Jelybe
    Jelybe Posts: 266 Member
    Amazing!!! Well done!
  • Psalm17v22
    Psalm17v22 Posts: 168 Member
    That is awesome! Great job! Thank you for sharing your transformation.
  • Elyssa_38
    Elyssa_38 Posts: 36 Member
    Crazy!!! Congrats !
  • txbutterfly69
    txbutterfly69 Posts: 115 Member
    Truly amazing!!! You look like a different person. Way to go!:smile:
  • Angelescaliso
    Angelescaliso Posts: 3 Member
    WOW!!!! you look like a completely different person! You are another great example of what determination and commitment can achieve! congratulations!!!
  • Funsoaps
    Funsoaps Posts: 514 Member
    You look so different and took years off your looks. Amazing job, celebrate it!
  • mzfiyaa
    mzfiyaa Posts: 94 Member
    wow u look great u look totally different
  • Typhanee83
    Typhanee83 Posts: 317 Member
    Whoa! You look amazing! Great work and awesome dedication. Congrats on all your success!
  • LuckyAng
    LuckyAng Posts: 1,173 Member
    Incredible!! You must feel so amazing! Congratulations!! :drinker:
  • trulythin
    trulythin Posts: 4 Member
    Excellent! :smile:
  • psmith_five
    psmith_five Posts: 55 Member
    Dude's only been a member of MFP for 7 months and already has had that much results. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Every time I see these stories strengthens my motivation to keep it going. I'm addicted the this app.
  • KeKy4
    KeKy4 Posts: 62 Member
    Similar stats to my husband! Thanks for the inspiration! Way to go!
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