If you could own any object from a movie, what would it be



  • Bobby_Clerici
    Bobby_Clerici Posts: 1,828 Member
    An army of terminators who'd serve me and conquer the human race, making you all my slaves :devil:

    That's a start....
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  • PJ64
    PJ64 Posts: 866 Member
    The Matrix..................and run it :)
  • dmpizza
    dmpizza Posts: 3,321 Member
    The Starship Enterprise or if very adventurous, the Monolith from 2001.

    If you take this literal, as in props, then I want what Tim Allen was given by Disney, the original motorized Nautilus Submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. That would be so awesome.
  • lostsanity137
    lostsanity137 Posts: 298 Member
    I want the holodeck from star trek, second thing woud be a teleportation device

    I also want the Holodeck. Actually, I'll just take the whole Enterprise thank you very much.

    Or my acceptance letter from Hogwarts. But that's real...It's just really, really late...
  • dinosnopro
    dinosnopro Posts: 2,179 Member
  • Captain_RG
    Captain_RG Posts: 96 Member
    TV - Sonic Screwdriver!
    Movies - X-Wing Fighter
  • scs143
    scs143 Posts: 2,190 Member
    The bat mobile
  • jmelyan23
    jmelyan23 Posts: 1,664 Member
    The Batmobile and Narsil, sword of Elendil from Lord of the Rings

    Also, Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds. That car is badass.
  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 48,566 Member
    **people not eligible or Ryan Gosling would so be mine! **

    One thing I think would be super cool to have would be a hovercraft - like the ones in the Star Wars movies - no more sitting in traffic!
    Oh screw the hovercraft, the LIGHT SABER would be it!!!

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  • allysabee
    allysabee Posts: 123
    The suitcase full of the gold mystery item(s) from Pulp Fiction.
  • TeachTheGirl
    TeachTheGirl Posts: 2,091 Member
    I want the StarGate, thank you~
  • Kirsty_UK
    Kirsty_UK Posts: 965 Member
    I'd quite like one of those underwater breathers in James Bond. The tiny ones that give continuous air without the need for a tank.

    Either that or Potter's invisibility cloak or the marauders map would be cool.
  • stang_girl88
    stang_girl88 Posts: 234 Member
    Another vote for Eleanor in Gone in 60 Seconds. :love:
  • ChrisRS87
    ChrisRS87 Posts: 781 Member
    hovercraft skateboard from back to the future.
  • dhayes
    dhayes Posts: 216 Member
    Popeye's can of spinach.
  • Allihexen
    Allihexen Posts: 111 Member
    Either the gold ticket from Last Action Hero or Bumblebee from Michael Bay's Transformers.
  • Cyngen
    Cyngen Posts: 557 Member
    Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 (Original)
  • darkknightfan
    darkknightfan Posts: 396 Member
    The Batmobile. Best Superhero car EVER.

    Can we be friends ??

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  • BAMFMeredith
    BAMFMeredith Posts: 2,829 Member
    Channing Tatum. He's an object right?

    Ok, or Carrie Bradshaw's entire wardrobe in "Sex in the City." And the ability to pull it all off like her.

    Or maybe that memory eraser thing from Men in Black. I'd love to do that to myself/others sometimes.
  • olymp1a
    olymp1a Posts: 1,766 Member
    Iron Man's suit... well the one he made for Pepper Pots I mean! :)