New here and looking for other Canadians...



  • mitchipooo
    mitchipooo Posts: 85 Member
    Vancouver checking in.
  • Bukeroo
    Bukeroo Posts: 29 Member
    Barrie, On here!! Feel free to add me!
  • tsavisky
    tsavisky Posts: 78 Member
    Vermilion, Alberta, just getting started on Paleo. Add me if you'd like:)
  • Dubski_5
    Dubski_5 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi from NS!
  • Beewallows
    Beewallows Posts: 110 Member
    Ottawa!!! Welcome :)
  • roknic69
    roknic69 Posts: 14 Member
    Hamilton Ontario reppin'......

    Hello everyone! Anyone add me if you like! :drinker: :flowerforyou:
  • Cuddlebug12
    Cuddlebug12 Posts: 52 Member
    I'm from Victoria!!!
  • MonicaT1972
    MonicaT1972 Posts: 512
    Sherwood Park, Alberta. All Canadians, feel free to add me!!!
  • Prince Edward Island :flowerforyou: Feel free to add me!
  • kumitekg
    kumitekg Posts: 61
    Hey there ! I'm from St-Hubert, Quebec. Feel free to add me as your friend if you'd like !
  • BaileyKat52
    BaileyKat52 Posts: 461 Member
    St. John's, NL here!
  • redshoeshelley
    redshoeshelley Posts: 206 Member
    Hello from London, Ontario !!
    Just sent you an add request :smile:
  • donovanart
    donovanart Posts: 55
    Hi from Nova Scotia!!
  • sshap21712
    sshap21712 Posts: 139
    I'm not from Canada, but I know where it is!
  • AnisaMG
    AnisaMG Posts: 154 Member
    Stratford-ish Ontario!! Anyone can add me ! :flowerforyou:
  • octosilver
    octosilver Posts: 23
    I am in Calgary
  • jeffrodgers1
    jeffrodgers1 Posts: 991 Member
    Live from Winnipeg, Manitoba!

    diddo, kiddo!!

    Winnipeg... Hah! Good place to be FROM! :laugh:

    You are absolutely correct sir... in fact that's why so many people are now moving back from places they can't afford to live.
  • jeffrodgers1
    jeffrodgers1 Posts: 991 Member
    Another from Saskatchewan (hard to spell, easy to draw!).

    We'll get you a box of crayons and you can show us. Don't worry there won't be more than 12 in the box. We know you have problems with any more than that number.