Progress pics (Safe for Work)

manderson27 Posts: 3,508 Member
First pic was my birthday in October 2010 Weight 220lbs
Second pic was last week so June 2012


Slow but sure wins the race. I am aiming for 160 and then see how I feel.

Sorry they are huge but don't know how to resize but you probably get the idea :laugh:


  • IRun4Me_12
    IRun4Me_12 Posts: 240 Member
    You look FABULOUS! Keep up the great work!!
  • simplyme99
    simplyme99 Posts: 68 Member
    You look amazing!
  • Smilez22
    Smilez22 Posts: 19 Member
    You look amazing. Werk It!!!
  • mikeyboy
    mikeyboy Posts: 1,057 Member
    Dang girl! Great work!
  • MrsB724
    MrsB724 Posts: 247
    Amazing....really amazing!
  • cgrout78
    cgrout78 Posts: 1,679 Member
    that is FANTASTIC!!! you look so GREAT
  • zmzmzm19
    zmzmzm19 Posts: 155 Member
    Wowsa!! Excellent look Fabulous and like a completely different person!! Way to go!:flowerforyou:
  • mitchipooo
    mitchipooo Posts: 85 Member
    You look wonderful, so inspiring!
  • Dudagarcia
    Dudagarcia Posts: 849 Member
    Very nice
  • Wow! Amazing progress!! Congratulations on your success, and good luck with the rest!
  • gatorento
    gatorento Posts: 79 Member
    What a difference in the 2 pics: way to go! you look fantastic. best wishes for your continuing weight-loss journey!
  • manderson27
    manderson27 Posts: 3,508 Member
    Thank you all I could not have done it without MFP I would have given up long ago so heres to all the support, advice, recipes and heavy lifting :drinker:

    I don't think I really realised what a difference there was until I compared the pictures.
  • RUNN3Rmom
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    You look amazing!!
  • MalloryCurrent
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    WOW! You look like a totally different person! Awesome job!!!
  • una48
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    You look gorgeous! And 10 years younger too!
  • Overboard_Eater
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  • Crochetluvr
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    Amazing transformation.....CONGRATS and keep up the great work!!!!
  • Pipsg1rl
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    WHATTTT!!?? That is so great :)