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Liquid Protein

rachelleahsmomrachelleahsmom Member Posts: 438 Member Member Posts: 438 Member
What do you know about It's liquid protein taken right before bed. Is it a gimmick? A hoax?


  • LoraF83LoraF83 Member Posts: 15,778 Member Member Posts: 15,778 Member
    Complete and total hoax. The only reviews they have are from radio djs? What????

    Djs get paid to promote products/advertising. It's part of their job. Never take advice on a product from someone who is getting paid to tell you it's great.

    Also, if there were really a pill, drop, etc that would make us all skinny while we slept....wouldn't we all be skinny by now?
  • jlmoses91jlmoses91 Member Posts: 88 Member Member Posts: 88 Member
    It's a hoax! Plus on the website it says you need three grams of protein before you go to bed for it to work, that's all that's in it. If it really did work less than half a cup of milk would do the same thing for a hell of a lot less money.
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