July 1 Challenge

Is anyone interested in joining me? Lately my motivation has been off and I was thinking a challenge with others may be the thing that helps.

Here are some of the guidelines I was thinking -

There will be a challenge and personal goals, 1 for the entire month and 1 that changes weekly.

Starts July 1 and goes through July 31 and it will be based on a point system:

Each member would receive points for the following:
• 1 point for every day you exercise;
• 1 point for every day you log your food;
• Percentages of 1 point for reaching the challenge (weekly and whole month) goal (ex-goal is to do 100 push-ups, you do 125, you would receive 1.25 points);
• 1 point for the person that completes the most of the weekly challenge;
• 1 point for reaching your personal (weekly and whole month) goal;
• At the end, there will be points for the person with the most minutes exercised and the most calories burned.
• 1 point for everyone that checks in by the deadline.

Weekly challenges will be posted on Sunday but do not start until Monday.

Check-in will be by midnight on Monday and results will be posted on Tuesday.

I am trying to avoid the scale and taking measurements for awhile so it will not be part of the points criteria for the group but feel free to make it one of your personal goals.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.