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Crystal Light? Opinions?

After living with my boyfriend for a year I seem to have picked up a bad case of pop addiction (Pepsi). Now that I'm trying to loose weight I've switched from pop to a glass of water mixed with a single crystal light package.
Just curious if Crystal Light is really better for me?

I know a lot of people might think "Just drink the water!" and I do agree, only problem is it's city water and honestly the taste of it turns my stomach, it's like drinking my blood.

So Crystal Light, yay or nay?


  • 2Grtkids
    2Grtkids Posts: 93
    Yay, if it gets you to drink water. Better without, but ok with. You might find over time that you want more plain water...for now, Crystal Light + Water beats Pepsi, hands down.
  • JennedyJLD
    JennedyJLD Posts: 123 Member
    I drink Crystal Light occasionally, but then I'm guilty of a few diet sodas every week, too. I recognize they're not "health food," but these occasional indulgences haven't impeded my weight loss one bit (60 pounds over a year.) I also really like the Special K pink lemonade power - 30 calories, 5g protein and 5g fiber each serving!
  • NickyM96
    NickyM96 Posts: 2 Member
    I like using water enhancers like Mio (
  • UticaBoy51
    UticaBoy51 Posts: 344 Member
    This was a test that I did to answer this question. Take a cap of water and pour just a bit of the crystal light into the cap and see what happens and then ask yourself the same question. I didn't care for that very much. I would try to filter the water as much as you can.
  • capabledesire
    Crystal light! I love love love it! I haven't had a coke in over 3 years.
    It is better than soda. Less sugar and no carbonation. But it is also made of aspartame a chemical so it really depends on your personal feelings and issues with that.
  • chrystee
    chrystee Posts: 295 Member
    I don't, because of the artificial sweeteners, but to ween yourself off soda, maybe a good idea.
    once in awhile I get an honest tea drink.
  • patchesgizmo
    patchesgizmo Posts: 244 Member
    I haven't done crystal light in years, it makes me bloat really bad and causes gut aches for me. So instead if I want flavor in my water, I take an herbal tea bag and toss it into my water. My favorite is mint, but right now I am drinking peach. No caffeine, but a little shot of flavor to overcome the nasty city water taste.
  • leannems
    leannems Posts: 516 Member
    All the water I drink has some crystal light type thing in it (I actually prefer the target market pantry brand flavors). I use one packet per 32 ounces. It helps me drink between 64-128 ounces a day!)
  • freckled_lady
    I would avoid crystal light because of all the chemically things (artificial sweeteners). If you want to spice up your water try making a spa water. Chop up fruit/citrus and infuse the water with that. SO tasty.
  • smantha32
    smantha32 Posts: 6,990 Member
    I don't like Crystal light because of the Aspartame. I put Mio in my water.
    I agree plain water is best, but if I don't make mine taste like something I won't drink any. I use less than the recommended amount though.. just enough to make it not taste like water. lol
  • ErinBeth7
    ErinBeth7 Posts: 1,625 Member
    Crystal light makes me thirstier, like it dries my mouth out, but I do like the flavors. But it works for a lot of people and seems to be pretty successful. I'd give it a try. I know I always liked the lemonade or mixed berry flavors :-)
  • wendy3330
    wendy3330 Posts: 36 Member
    Other options are Propel Zero and Lipton Tea & Honey.
  • sdavis448
    sdavis448 Posts: 193 Member
    I started with drinking propel, because I hated water. Now I generally find that I prefer regular water. Still do propel maybe once every other week, to hit my sweet tooth though.
  • brjustice2000
    Sometimes you just want to taste something and water isn't it. When you drink diet, look at the sweetener. If the sweetener is aspartame (not sure if I spelled it correctly) avoid it!!! Aspartame makes your body hold onto fat! I used to drink tons of diet mountain dew and now have it only as a treat. My new diet soda is Diet Cheerwine (cheery taste) which has two pluses for me - number one is on aspartame, and number two is no salt. I try to drink 8 cups of water a day - 64 oz. I gave up diet green tea because of the salt and now take a green tea supplement to avoid the salt. I love Chic-Fil-A's diet lemonade, but you have to be able to deal with the tart flavor.
  • mondesa
    mondesa Posts: 61 Member
    I love water but I need flavor sometimes too so I mix in a crystal light here and there. I was a 12 pack a day soda drinker and when i first decieded to diet i swore all soda off. Then someone advised me diet soda wont hurt me. So traveling for business I drank one or two a day. In three days I gained five pound that was not water weight because it was hard to get back off. CL has never had that effect on me. So I try to drink as much water as I can take then when I am bored I mix a crystal light here and there
  • seardefilip
    I drink Mio in all my water except at restaurants where its ice cold- or when I am outside and it's piping HOT
  • Loves418
    Loves418 Posts: 330 Member
    This is why I drink bottled water only. Poland springs is my go to. The water here in NC sometimes when you turn the sink on it smells like you brought the swimming pool into the thanks not drinking it ever.....I just tried the Mio black cherry energy and I liked it a lot.
  • PittShkr
    PittShkr Posts: 1,000 Member
    Doesnt she work at a strip joint?
  • shaycat
    shaycat Posts: 980
    I was going to post this.
    I had a bad Diet coke addiction, that turned into and energy drink one.
    Then I found Crystal Light Energy! My new love. It must be better than having a Monster a day right? I sure feel better about it.
    I would think it would be a lot better than a soda too.
  • bizgirl26
    bizgirl26 Posts: 1,795 Member
    I like ading flavout to my water but I cut back so 1 little pack that is supposed to go in my water bottle does me for 3 bottles. So a little better but not full on sweet.