Looking for active MFP buddies.

Hey everyone,
My name is Holly, I'm from central Minnesota and I have a rather large weight loss goal. I only have one person that I do this with (my girlfriend), but she doesn't really need to lose weight so it's hard to stay motivated with this being that she doesn't need to use it.

I'm just hoping to meet some chill people to get to know and help me stay on track, as well as help them. It's very easy to get off track for me, when I don't have a support system and I'm ready to make these permanent changes in my life. That being said, if anyone is up for the same thing; feel free to contact me/add me.

-Holly (HerEmptyCloset)


  • Eve23
    Eve23 Posts: 2,352 Member
    I am glad you are here. Stay focused and stay positive. You are worth your effort. :bigsmile:
  • Wecandothis
    Wecandothis Posts: 1,083 Member
    You came to the right place!!!!!!!!!!!! Always remember you may have a high weight loss goal, but you are worth it, and you can do it.
  • ReinaLorenz
    ReinaLorenz Posts: 88 Member
    Hi Holly... I am in the same boat....friend me and we will keep each other accountable for food and exercise and celebrate our victories together.....Reina
  • ElviraCross
    ElviraCross Posts: 331 Member
    I'm on ever day!
  • BriaMc
    BriaMc Posts: 177 Member
    I'm from MN but currently live in NC. I'm on like 10x a day :P Feel free to add me!
  • cuteface_chubbywaist
    cuteface_chubbywaist Posts: 12 Member
    on here everyday, feel free to add me:flowerforyou:
  • hkevans724
    hkevans724 Posts: 241 Member
    I am on everyday. add me if you like
  • angelicahinkle
    im here everyday too. this is week one for me. i also have alot to lose. feel free to add me I will help and support you all that I can
  • 13inchestogo
    13inchestogo Posts: 296 Member
    On everyday, and if I am not I am in a place where there literally are no computers... lol Feel free to add :)
  • czuniga03
    czuniga03 Posts: 99
    Welcome..feel free to add me I'm on several times a day..thanks to my phone :)
  • sl1ngsh0t
    sl1ngsh0t Posts: 326 Member
    I'm from Mankato, originally :) Feel free to add me.
  • MostlyWater
    MostlyWater Posts: 4,294 Member
    i added you.
  • AngNY
    AngNY Posts: 193
    I added you and looking forward to more adds from anyone else :)
  • RacerX_14
    RacerX_14 Posts: 578 Member
    Hello and good luck!! You can me if you want too, I'm on several times a day!
  • YoshiZelda
    YoshiZelda Posts: 340 Member
    Welcome ! I have a large weight amount to lose too - So don't worry ! You're not alone. Also added you :)
  • Mizkatemay
    Mizkatemay Posts: 22 Member
    I also have a large amount of weight to loose, feel free to add me
  • jsukhan
    jsukhan Posts: 149 Member
    I'm also on everyday, can always use more friends.
  • TennisQtpye
    TennisQtpye Posts: 110 Member
    Hello! I'm pretty active on the site! I log everyday. Add me I ya like more active friends the marrier
  • jgunn81
    jgunn81 Posts: 243 Member
    lots to lose as well, im pretty active here, feel free to add if you wish
  • jerosa
    jerosa Posts: 4
    i added you. i need support too!