How accurate are you?

Simple question, as I get work towards my goal I wonder how accurate others are in the portion size. Do you measure everything out exactly? Estimate based on something in particular? A bit of both? Any thoughts would be great thanks.


  • jasbookworm
    jasbookworm Posts: 14 Member
    The bowls that I own are a little over 1 cup so with a lot of things, I eat 1 bowl or half a bowl. My measuring cups would get super dirty if I had to use them everytime. -_- Try to look for containers around your house that are close to 1/2 cup or a cup
  • Lesliecs
    Lesliecs Posts: 929 Member
    I've been on MFP for almost a year now and I still weigh and measure almost everything. Mainly because I don't trust myself, even now, to be able to eyeball stuff. Doesn't take that much extra time and helps keep me "honest"!
  • onikonor
    onikonor Posts: 473 Member
    I use a measuring cup for everything since I don't trust myself to estimate portion sizes correctly.
  • mitchipooo
    mitchipooo Posts: 85 Member
    I don't weigh or measure things but I'm pretty good at eyeballing things. I do tend to enter things at 10 - 15% more just in case my eyeball is not as good as I think it is!
  • deaddivya
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    Sadly, I can't measure everything I eat as I don't have a kitchen scale, so I estimate everything. But I always log a little more than I think I ate, just to be sure.
  • PrayerofAmity
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    Measuring how much fits into the dishes you use most helps or, where you can, measure out the serving size portions as you get them in the door and put them in sandwich baggies. That way you don't need to measure like mad each time you eat. Then there are the tips like...1 serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards, or one serving of cheese is the size of your thumb. Those are actually more accurate than you would think.
  • ReinaLorenz
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    buy a kitchen scale...and use it!!!!
  • sewerchick93
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    If it is an item I am new to eating/drinking or the container/plate I'm using for it isn't one I am familiar with, I will measure out the amount. But working in a chemical lab and having to be so precise with measurements, I have gotten really good at eyeballing amounts. After I see it measured out once and I don't change the vessel I'm measuring it into, I can eyeball it after the first time. I will on occasion, double check my eyeballing and find that I am spot on.
  • Lets just say I have a new food scale and it's already worn out.
  • SPNLuver83
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    I used to measure everything but now I tend to just eyeball things. I've measured things after I've eye balled it and it turns out i'm usually pretty spot on now.
  • iLoveMyPitbull1225
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    if you don't measure accurately or be honest about your serving sizes, you likely won't get results. It kinda defeats the purpose.
  • mikewpg1ca
    mikewpg1ca Posts: 86 Member
    I measure everything, because when I eyeball, I find I'm off.
  • mewaybright
    mewaybright Posts: 240 Member
    Measure and weigh almost all of it... Unless I am out at a resturant... then I guess it but I have gotten pretty good at the guess since weighing things for a year plus.
  • Caitlinhappymeal
    Caitlinhappymeal Posts: 185 Member
    measure and weigh everything within my power, accept when eating out and then its a guestimate xx
  • JanSmelly
    JanSmelly Posts: 143 Member
    I have a pretty good idea of a serving size without weighing.
  • HealthyBodySickMind
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    I measure things or estimate from the size of the package (i.e. package contains 5 pork steaks and weighs 4.35 lbs, so if I eat a whole pork steak it will be about 4.35*16/5=13.92.... and I log 14 oz of pork blade steak. Is it exact? no, but it's pretty close.

    for cardio, i actually look up actual miles on google of any route walked/ran and time myself, so that i can log it as close as possible for average mph and adjust the time to fit the actual miles.

    ...but then i'm neurotic.
  • bulbadoof
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    I measure the first few times, then when I'm used to seeing it in the bowl, or pan, or cup, I can tell easily how much it is. Photographic memory. :drinker:
  • Buddhasmiracle
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    I measure "loose" stuff like nuts and dried fruit. Otherwise, I'd eat lots of 'em with wild abandon. I can eyeball the big ticket items like fish and chicken pretty well. Also, I like brightly colored kitchen gadgets made by Kuhn Rikon. OXO makes a handy measurer/scooper for loose stuff that combines measuring tbsp., up to 2oz, up to 1/4 cup, and up to60 mil.
  • ElizabethRoad
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    I'll admit it - I just guess. When I started, I said if estimating didn't work, I would get a scale and be more careful. But I lost the weight with no problems.
  • Bobby_Clerici
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    I try to get it right within 20%.
    Even exact portions can vary. Because I am such a pig, my portions tend to be larger:bigsmile:
    And guess what? My MFP numbers were off, so I had to tweak them to find that effective zone.
    Do what works for you.
    Good Luck!