Mosquito bites after an outside workout?

Try lightly rubbing them with Epsom salts when you shower. I'm highly HIGHLY allergic to the bites and the salts knocked the itch and inflammation right out. No raised welts, no burning-to-the-touch skin, no itching, nothing! Wash your body then rub the bites with the salts, rinse after a minute or two and pat dry.

Good luck and enjoy your next workout, my friends!


  • 12by311
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    Thanks for the tip. Mosquitos loooove me regardless if my heart rate is up or not.
  • Jugie12
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    lol apparently you and I are the only ones!
  • secretlobster
    secretlobster Posts: 3,568 Member
    Thanks, I need this right now... My ankles are all bitten up. I'm going to try this :)
  • BubbleGumKisses
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    NICE thanks for sharing this! My sister gets golf-ball sized welts from mosquito bites, I'm gonna tell her about this!
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  • qtiekiki
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    Thanks. Going to try it later. I have seven mosquito bites on my right arm right now. Sigh.
  • tinytoyjess
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    Thanks for the tip. Mosquitos want me in a bad way.
  • auroranflash
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    Yes, "pat dry" is important because if you rub it, you could spread the venom and make it itch worse, making the bite larger.

    This from a T-rex in Texas who gets mosquito bitten like it's back in style.
  • MoreThanMommie
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    Thanks! My daughter and I don't venture outside much because we turn in to an all you can eat buffet for mosquito. We'll have to try this.
  • meshashesha2012
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    i add a little bit of lavender essential oil to my moisturizer and this keeps them from biting in the first place.
    lavendar oil is also good after the fact