New, looking for some friends :)

AmyFett Posts: 1,607 Member
I joined the other day, still have a nakie friends list, feel free to add me! I have about 75 lbs to lose, ick! I don't wanna go it alone :(


  • Eve23
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    Glad you have joined us. I know thyroid issues can be a pain but you can lose weight.
  • mstifb
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    Awesome! I started at 222 and want to get to 122 so we have similar goals! :glasses:
  • mitchipooo
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    Feel free to add me, I've lost 30ish so far but have likely a hundred more to go. I'm 37 and have tried the usual suspects in the past, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc. I'm not sure what it was but I had my epiphany a few months ago and it seems to be working this time around. MFP has my calories at around 1600, but I generally try to aim for 1200 - 1500 calories and a 500 to 600 burn five days a week. I'm trying to eat relatively healthily, lots of fruits and veg, limited dairy, sugar, etc. My gym membership is actually being put to use this time around too. MFP has become an addiction for me, I'm on here throughout the day and try to offer comments/support as much as possible. There is a lot of great support and information here, it's a terrific community.
  • aidyl320
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    I have no friends either on here! I need to lose 20 pounds and plan to start Monday. Hope you accomplish your weight loss!
  • randiz66
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    We can do it together.
  • netztoy
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    Feel free to add of luck on your weight loss journey:flowerforyou:
  • Feel free to add me. I came to start MFP today and realized I had signed up 16 months ago and never came back. I am determined this time, so I am just getting started again with purpose.
  • xoaria
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    Hi! Hope you don't mind if I add you as a friend! :) I'm new as well with an almost bare friend list! I have about 40 lbs to lose and I'd love to help support and motivate each other!!!
  • traciredjo
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    Hi! Me too I don't know anyone. I am working on loseing about 15 more lbs. I am doing the TurboFire and the ChaLean Extreme work outs. :) Good Luck everyone!
  • cheerforsteelers
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    I just joined TODAY...super new. I added you!
  • karenf289
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    Add me too, I'm here for the long haul, started on 229lbs need shed around 100. Reached a plateau around 2 months ago but started losing again the last few weeks. MFP has definitely helped me achieve a new lifestyle, I don't look at this as a diet, its permanent and for life, its maintaining it that's most difficult. Please feel free to ask what I do or eat. :bigsmile:
  • Hi, I started on here 3 weeks ago and am surprised how good I am doing. I am already down 11 pounds! I would love some new friends to help keep me motivated so feel free to add me :)
  • ljones_848
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    I'm restarting after a failed first attempt.... I have about 50lbs to lose.. Feel free to add xx