Wheres everyone from?



  • JonesJM8
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    Hey, I'm Alisha from Washignton D.C.

    Nice to meet you! Let's be friends.
  • Going4Lean
    Going4Lean Posts: 1,077 Member
    Meriden, Connecticut
  • lisa86326
    lisa86326 Posts: 20
    There's something slightly comforting about the fact that there's so many of us, but from all over! I'm not as alone as I feel! And I LOVE the folks from the UK! You rock!
  • leahrochelle
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  • IDCY843
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    Bunbury. Western Australia :flowerforyou:
  • xxnellie146xx
    xxnellie146xx Posts: 996 Member
    Massachusetts :)
  • Missouri :grumble:
  • MorganLeighRN
    MorganLeighRN Posts: 411 Member
    Colorado girl right here! Love it here :)
  • vickystrand1
    vickystrand1 Posts: 47 Member
    Midwest Greetings from Iowa! :smile:
  • turkeyhunter60
    turkeyhunter60 Posts: 319 Member
    Tulsa, America, wannabe country boy, 60
  • MemphisGirl75
    MemphisGirl75 Posts: 80 Member
    Hey all, I'm 27 in Memphis, TN originally from Jackson, MS

    I'm a Memphian, too!
  • LeellenMack
    LeellenMack Posts: 141 Member
    40 and I live in Buffalo Grove, IL (about 30 min NW of Chicago)
  • gillz89
    gillz89 Posts: 81 Member
    Same here only I'm 25!
    Good old Columbia, Missouri!!!! Where are you at?

    Same Here, only I'm 23! And I'm in good old St. Louis! (Well when I'm not in Rolla for school at least)
  • Elyssa_38
    Elyssa_38 Posts: 36 Member
    Raised in Los Angeles, CA now living in Riverside, CA its a big change haha!

    Im 25 yrs old!
  • linbug25
    linbug25 Posts: 3 Member
    I JUST joined about an hour ago. I'm from Chicago, IL :)
  • gillz89
    gillz89 Posts: 81 Member
    Kansas CIty Missouri! 35 :smile:

    Sure could use some friends myself to help me on my journey!
    Awesome! another Missourian! Yay!

    I'm from St. Louis, Mo...not too far either! I drive through Columbia all of the time on my way to my parent's farm. Lots of Missouri folks here!

    I'm from St. Louis too!! And I go to Columbia quite a few times a year....my sister is studying at Mizzou.
  • gillz89
    gillz89 Posts: 81 Member
    Same here only I'm 25!
    Good old Columbia, Missouri!!!! Where are you at?

    Yey Missouri! I am 24 from St. Louis!

    where at? im in maryland heights, near creve couer lake

    Okay...so I'm in Maryland Heights too...Dorsett and Adie basically. Seems like I'm just the other side of 270.
  • Amytnblonde
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    Nashville, TN
    from Raleigh, NC living in Virginia now
  • macey333
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    Feeling slightly left out in this thread - London, England :)