75+ pounds lost. 5 MORE TO GO! (pic)



  • 140Aimee
    140Aimee Posts: 77 Member
    Well done you look fantastic. Such an inspiration! I'm around your starting weight so it's so inspiring to see someone around my weight reach there goals as i often look at the long journey ahead and wonder if i'll ever make it. Thank you for sharing. :)
  • ilovemybuggy
    ilovemybuggy Posts: 1,584 Member
  • ChaoticMiNd
    ChaoticMiNd Posts: 247 Member
    Holy moly great job and congrats!
  • NovemberJune
    NovemberJune Posts: 2,525 Member
    CONGRATS!!! We joined in the same month and have lost about the same :D Great job!
  • You are killing them!!!! Great job!!!
  • supergirl6
    supergirl6 Posts: 224 Member
    Wow you look good!!!
  • IkkleGina
    IkkleGina Posts: 17
    :happy: WOW your weight loss is amazing well done
  • apedinger
    apedinger Posts: 57
    awesome job! Pretty crazy how goals seem so far away then you are just around the corner from them! Keep it up!
  • Ladyloraella
    Ladyloraella Posts: 46 Member
    Damn! You're looking great ;) well done
  • doug4018
    doug4018 Posts: 130
    wow wow wow....amazing transformation. You look great!

    Very inspiring!
  • sensualmess
    sensualmess Posts: 47 Member
    amazing!!! congrats :D
  • Neahpata
    Neahpata Posts: 322 Member
    Awesome progress you look great!!
  • MaryRegs
    MaryRegs Posts: 272 Member
    way to go!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
  • 2princes
    2princes Posts: 10 Member
    WOW! You look amazing!! Congrats on the reached goal!
  • fajitatx
    fajitatx Posts: 36
  • sundaywishes
    sundaywishes Posts: 246 Member
    Well, hello there, handsome stud muffin *licks lips* :smooched: :smokin:

    ....I mean that in the most platonic way ever :blushing:
  • Marlenymm
    Marlenymm Posts: 66 Member
    you look awesome. great job
  • jsherrill92
    jsherrill92 Posts: 775 Member
    Well, hello there, handsome stud muffin *licks lips* :smooched: :smokin:

    ....I mean that in the most platonic way ever :blushing:

    Back atcha sweetcheeks. :blushing:

    Also platonic.
  • MandyMarie01
    MandyMarie01 Posts: 448 Member
    you looked handsome in your before pic but you look hot in your after pic. Great job- Congratulations!
  • eprybs
    eprybs Posts: 36 Member
    heeeeellllo good lookin'! LOL- you look fantastic- congrats!
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