So, I seriously need some suggestions...

I walk every morning at 5:30. I just about get eaten alive by the deer flies. Any suggestions on how to keep those pesky jerks away? I wear light colored clothing. I wear a light colored baseball cap. I put on bug spray (although it doesn't contain DEET...going to try that tomorrow morning). They are so bad that I am actually considering not walking any longer. But I don't want to quit because of a STUPID bug!!

Also, what is your favorite shoe for walking? I am thinking I need some new shoes and don't want to waste my time or money on shoes that just aren't worth it. I've read reviews, but would like to hear "real live" comments from "real live" people.



  • DanaDark
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    Deer flies? >.> I am sorry, but I cannot help you here... Is that a problem in rural areas? (I'm a city boy)

    As for shoes... anything that is comfortable. Personally, I enjoy my walks in my regular clothes and shoes. I use my walks as a few to burn a few calories as well as relax and clear my head.

    But guy shoes typically are more comfortable than lady shoes... I wouldn't suggest nice long walks in knee high stiletto boots >.>

    Just find a comfortable sneaker type shoe at a shoe store and you should be fine.
  • krisiepoo
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    I have no help for you on the deer flies, luckily we just have man eating mosquitos here

    as for shoes, if you don't know what kind you need for your gait, I would go to a running store and have them help you choose one that is right for you. I know you're not "running" but they can still help you find the right shoe. I tell them my budget and let them help me :)
  • Im_NotPerfect
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    The only thing that I would suggest (and not even sure if THIS works, but it's worth a try) use the DEEP woods Off stuff. It's like 15 or 20% DEET. Around here they also sell stuff that's like 40% deet, but that seems extreme. Then again, if they're that bad...

    I usually just use cross-trainers for walking. Although ever since I started running and now wear running shoes, I find my cross trainers to be very stiff.
  • jessicawrites
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    I've seen netting jackets and pants in some sporting goods stores. They look a little goofy, but they saved my butt one year I spent the summer in a particularly rural part of Canada.
  • jensaeugling
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    Love my Asics!! :)
  • JJMcCreary
    Try Avon's skin so soft oil- most bugs hate it. I love Brooks running shoes- use them for walking and running!
    Keep goin! Those pesky deer flies can't stop ya! Go, Go, Go! : )
  • CraigIW
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    I can only suggest a hat with a net, and/or skin so soft.
  • miniberger
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    Oh- I have deer flies. I garden in the heat in a long sleeve white men's dress shirt and a large brimmed hat. I've noticed that they land on the hat (the one in my profile pic) more than they land on me. I would do long sleeves and pants and DEET the heck out of them so it's not necessarily on your skin per se. You can re-wear the clothes. We throw them on over tshirts.

    Good luck.
  • Prilla04
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    Something with a lot of Deet would probably work but I really don't like putting that on my skin if I don't have to. I would go with a mosquito hat or netting jacket. It may not be fashionable but who cares at 5 a.m. :wink:
  • NoSpandex
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    Go to a running store and be fitted. They will find the right shoe for your foot (based on your arch, your toes, your gait , etc). You will be amazed at the difference the right pair of shoes will make.

    Can't help you on the deer flies - my only experience is with mosquitoes. Have you tried the Off clip on? That is working great for me for mosquitoes. Also, cutters advanced is really good. It has no odor, and feels like a mist of water when you spray it on (no stickiness at all - you don't even know it's there). It is plant based rather than chemical.
  • beckajw
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    My experience with deer flies is that even deet won't keep them away. I find that wearing a hat helps. Other than that, the only thing that helps is long sleeves and pants.
  • krystyleee
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    I have no help for you on the deer flies, luckily we just have man eating mosquitos here

    ^^ This! Lol, same here!
  • JudyL5305
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    I would definitely recommend Avon Skin so Soft products it seems to help people. As for walking shoes I have Nike trail sneakers that I use for everything love them as the are comfortable and light as opposed to other sneakers
  • Josie_lifting_cats
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    I was walking regularly a while back and I bought a pair of Nike walking shoes and a pair of Skechers Shape Ups (the smaller ones, not the super huge ones) at the same time.

    I ended up using the Skechers all the time, because the shape of the heel and sole of the foot made me walk correctly - I tend to turn in my foot a little bit, and that kept me from walking incorrectly. And they were super comfy.
  • TXCC
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    Try Avon's skin so soft oil- most bugs hate it. I love Brooks running shoes- use them for walking and running!
    Keep goin! Those pesky deer flies can't stop ya! Go, Go, Go! : )
    Yep, what she said. Love Brooks and heard Avon works well for the bugs. They don't like the smell.
  • Helen_Luvnlife
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    I haven't tried it around deer flies, but try no ad spray sunblock. Sounds crazy but my husband and I were out in some biting little flies. They were attacking him but leaving me alone and that is all I had on. He sprayed some on and it worked for him too
  • Moriarty_697
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    As for deer flies, you may need to try walking later in the day. They are nasty this year, though, so DEET might be the only way.

    As for shoes, I'm devoted to New Balance but only because they are the only shoes out there offering wide sizes.
  • fierceangel1982
    Love my Asics!! :)

    I also love Asics shoes. I have to wear orthotics, but I usually pick a pair of shoes from Asics Gel line and they are still very comfortable.
  • ren888
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    I have heard that Skin So Soft works best for deer flies and "greenheads" as we call them up here in New England. At least, that's what the "experts" at the Wildlife Refuge have said! They've been terrible up here this year.
  • lane823
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    Thankfully the bug spray I am using works on mosquitos. I live in Brainerd, Minnesota. You of 10,000 lakes and 10,000,000 mosquitos.

    Thanks for the idea of Skin So Soft. I know an Avon rep - I plan on calling her when I get off work. Something has to work!