5'4" 218 down to 134 with pics



  • Nice Job! Wear the bikini and enjoy it! You earned it!
  • WOW one of the best Before and After pics ive seen! Congrats
  • Wow...you look amazing! Thanks so much for this post! I've never worn a bikini. It would be a great accomplishment!
  • RenaHope
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    You are such an inspiration. Thanks so much for posting this, you just gave me an extra push!
  • You look amazing!!! Congratulations!
  • IleanaMargot
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    Bravo! You are an inspiration!
  • lt3ag4s
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  • rwwerner
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    wow!! amazing. You should be sooo proud of yourself!!! Great work!!
  • carebear7951
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    Well done you.......you look fantastic!!!

    ^^What she said^^
  • marie_cressman
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    you look absolutely wonderful! be proud girl!
  • krhearne
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    YOU LOOK SO GOOD! You should be so proud of how far you've come. This gives me so much motivation and im only 19!!
  • DBiddle69
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  • Wow, you look amazing! AND you have 6 boys?! I bow down, lol.
    Yeah...what she said:drinker:
  • santi251
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  • well, maybe we can't eat butter that much anymore, but i would be more than happy to melt a stick of butter all over you!

    is that okay? i really mean that as a compliment.

    hot is hot and success is success.

    you got both!

    woohoo girl, i can hear the bacon sizzle on your buns.

    you win!!!!
  • HeatherMarieBe
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    you look amazing! omfg! totally inspired!
  • SherryTeach
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    Fantastic job! I live in Tempe and teach in Chandler, so we're practically neighbors.
  • Quick, somebody throw her into the pool, she's making it TOO HOT out here :happy:
  • Amazing job!! I'm 5'4" also, so this really hits home for me! You look terrific, healthy, AND younger! Good luck on those last few pounds!
  • Good for you, Tricia. You look wonderful.