X-box Kinect: Can you really lose some weight?

My friend is selling his xbox for only $150. I am not into those call of duty games. I just really want to use it for the kinect. Would the more active games really help me lose some weight? I am not going to exchange it completely for the gym but there are days I want to just stay home without feeling lazy. Any advice?


  • Also... what games would anyone recommend?
  • rtwinrn06
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    I have Your Shape 2012. I think it is good, since I won't be caught dead in a gym. Good workout with lots of options so it's not boring. It kinda helps with getting your form right, but it's not easy to make sure you're right. Make sure you have room to move with any of the games.
  • lalaCNSbFS
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    I play Dance central 1&2 and it even tracks your calories. I burn around 180-200 cal per 30 min dance workout.
  • MtnKat
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    I'm not really a big fan of the Kinect. I have the Biggest Loser and Your Shape Fitness Evolved. I really don't enjoy them much because the Kinect doesn't always register my movements correctly. Plus, if the dog or the kids happen to walk by, it screws up my "game".

    I also hate the cardboard cutout of my character lol (especially since I'm so fat right now lol) so it's a mental thing to :-)

    I also heard that EA Active 2 is available for the Kinect. EA Active is a great workout and always kicks my butt however I use mine with the Wii. The Wii is a much better "work out" machine than the Kinect.

    $150 is a great price for a Kinect and an Xbox though :-) and there are a lot of fun games for the xbox.
  • NiSan12
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    I have the Xbox Kinect and the body shaper games. They will work if you stick with them, but personally I wouldn't stop going to the gym. I would just reduce the days at least until I was at my goal. Your body will need to do something different every now and then so you won't plateau.
  • Pedal_Pusher
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    I sorta doubt it.................
  • DrMAvDPhD
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    I lost my first 15lb with my only exercise being X-box Kinect Zumba. You get out what you put in. There is no reason that Xbox Zumba would be less effective than in class Zumba or DVD Zumba if you work equally hard.
  • amanda8o
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    I have a Kinect and love the Dance Central games,anything that get's u up and moving and that you enjoy is worth is,I've also tried the biggest loser ultimate workout but got a little bored with it after while. I also have the EA active sports 2 and it will definitely kick your butt and incorporates weights along with cardio!
  • leiloob
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    Try zumba or Dance Central 2!
  • lu136mickey
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    I lost my first 30 pounds with zumba for ps3 move so i would say yes
  • cms721
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    EA active and Biggest loser are both really good for exercising. UFC trainer has some good strength and core routines but takes more time to do because of added tutorials, practice reps, and extra reps, but it can really wear you out at first. All of these games have some issues with reading your movements or avatar - added bonus of extra reps i guess.
  • Lisdol
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    i love all the dancing games.. doesn't even feel like you're getting a workout it's so fun. my brother lost like 30-40 pounds just doing the just dance and dance central everyday.
  • Letty_c
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    The dance centrals are fun....... but zumba makes you sweat more :)
  • I can endorse the Kinect as a good extra incentive for exercising. I play Dance Central 2 for around 30 minutes a day as a warm-up, and then transition to either weight lifting or running on the treadmill. Like others have said, it'll approximate your calorie burn and track your usage and metrics over time. It's a good excuse to listen to some dance music before hitting my big exercises.
  • sexikc
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    I have played Zumba and it is definitely a real workout and also very fun.
  • Determinednoob
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    losing weight is a function of burning more calories than you consume. any activity burns calories.
  • Yes you can, but consistency is key. On the days I can't make it to the gym (before work or at all). I use the Kinect, I mainly play Zumba and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012. I love the Kinect to switch my workout up (like another user mentioned). I have a lot of the workout games but use the ones that work for me. Here are some of the games, you choose depending on what you want to work out. Zumba, Zumba Rush, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 (lots of improvements from the original game), Dance Central 1 & 2, Biggest Loser, EA Sports Active and Self Defense (for the Kickboxing aspect). I hope this helps.:smile:
  • I lost my first 15lb with my only exercise being X-box Kinect Zumba. You get out what you put in. There is no reason that Xbox Zumba would be less effective than in class Zumba or DVD Zumba if you work equally hard.

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    I sorta doubt it.................
    Pish. spoken as someone who's never used the thing. I'm a 25 mile a week runner and I can still break a sweat/get my heart rate up playing with the Kinect. To an extent it's all about what you put into it. Some of the more challenging levels of even the default "Kinect Adventures" game that comes free with the system can really get you going. I've been panting after some of the more intense "Reflex Ridge" minigames. Just make sure the person selling you the system has a Kinect. It's a not default part of the X-Box 360 package. You either have to buy the up-sell package that includes it, or buy it separately. At $150, I'd assume he has it, but double check if you haven't already.
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    yeah, it will.
    I use it for Zumba since i don't wanna look like a crazy person in the Zumba workouts, and i sweat like a beast while working out to Zumba.

    I have both the Zumba games but i like the Zumba Rush much better than the first one.

    Today i worked out for 46 minutes and burned 806 calories, and it also tracks your amount of calories that you burn.
    It's a high intensity workout but, by the time your done, yourll be begging for more because it's such a good kick your *kitten* workout.

    Hope this helps (: