Takeaway with friends

My book group is having a social tonight and we're going round to my friends for a movie night and takeaway. I already went out for a curry on Saturday for a friends birthday and don't really want 2 fatty dinners in a week. I tried to be good on Saturday and went for chicken & spinach curry but then I did have some naan bread with it. I find it easy to get carried away when I'm with friends.

Do you think it would be rude if I took my own dinner round to eat with my book group tonight so I don't have to eat the takeaway? I'm thinking of making a sweet chili chicken noodle salad so it's like I'm having a Chinese with them but with about a quarter of the calories and fat.

Is it OK to do this, or should i just go for the takeaway and try to make wise choices?
What should I get from the Chinese if I do end up with takeaway?


  • lbaileyjohannsen
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    I dont think it would be rude at all! If you already know its hard for you to make good decisions in that situation then break the cycle. Just mention casually you brought your own dinner because you want to control your calories. Good for you for knowing your limits. I too have a hard time with this! I live in a very food centered city where everyone eats out socially. So far I have not done very well...but I'm still trying.
  • SixHats
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    I can suggest three courses of action.

    1. Eat before you go, preferably a protein source which will fill you up and make you less inclined to eat once you are there. Tell your friends you are just not that hungry.

    2. Eat the takeaway but again aim for a high protein source which will fill you up and hopefully stop you overeating and picking afterwards.

    3. Go bananas and eat until you have had enough. Then eat some more. Use the guilty feeling to fuel your diet and exercise for the next week. :-).
  • fay_pigu
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    Take your own, tell people that you feel really bad about it but you've done your cheat meal this week - or just say you've had a bad Chinese in the past and you are a little wary of them.

    They shouldn't mind, if they do, they'll get over it.

    Edit: I had the same worries when I stopped drinking, people stare a bit then they don't think about it. Most people do accept it but some won't, I've been making-up excuses for my heavy drinking neighbor for about 4 months now. Latest one was, I'm on pain medication (I was), next step is to say my taste buds have changed and I feel ill when I drink (not quite true I can drink, I just lost the taste for it and don't enjoy it).
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    Do you get any input into what gets ordered? If so, then ask that at least one dish be steamed instead of fried. Lots of Chinese restaurants will even have a healthy section on their menu.
  • HamsterNut
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    Something like chop suey isnt actulaly all that bad, its just veggies in a sauce/stock

    according to google a cup of beef chop suey is less than 300 cals.
  • londoneye
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    I think you should try and eat the Chinese. Sustainable weight loss means finding a way to integrate your new eating into your life, and part of life is eating with friends. Bringing your own food destroys that shared experience.

    I'd agree with having a high protein snack before so that you're not super hungry, then order steamed vegetables (I love Bok Choi in garlic!), soup, steamed dumplings or other healthy choices... avoid the booze and... Enjoy!