Lookn for friends 4'11 & under!



  • BrawlerBella
    BrawlerBella Posts: 400 Member
    hey Doll...that would be me a Shawty! ;)
  • mhuch110
    mhuch110 Posts: 130 Member
    Me, me, me!! I'm 4'11 and am getting increasingly frustrated with the slow rate of my progress! I'd love to have more short friends!

    Anyone can add me....I'm on here all the time and a very encouraging person. ;)
  • TamiJillSM08
    TamiJillSM08 Posts: 210 Member
    Hi! I'm new & 4'11" :)
  • masumaj
    masumaj Posts: 153 Member

    im 4 11.5
    feel free to add :)
  • EnergyYesPlease
    Dang it!! I'm 5' 7 but would love anyone to add me who has determination/goals/ and awesome motivation!! I have all and would love to share my support :)
  • ChristinaWgettingfit
    I'm 4'11 - closer to 4'10 :)
    I'm trying to lose the last few pounds and definitely some inches

    Feel free to add me :)
  • brwneyedirish813
    brwneyedirish813 Posts: 67 Member
    Wowwwww it's so good to know im not alone. Honestly didn't think id get so many responses. I'll definately be adding those of you who i haven't yet. Thank you so much!!!! :D:D:D this is exciting for me.
  • lookgreatfast
    lookgreatfast Posts: 106 Member
    I am 4"10 and weigh 115 now. SW was 124..my heaviest. Goal is 110 for now. How many cal. do you take/day? And how much exercise to you fit daily?
  • brwneyedirish813
    brwneyedirish813 Posts: 67 Member
    Thank you for all the responses. Ive added those of you who i could before i got my daily friend cut off.
  • brwneyedirish813
    brwneyedirish813 Posts: 67 Member
    I'm taking in 1200 cals a day.. but the days i splurge.. could be about 2000 .. my goal is 119 for my 4'11 frame. I work out about 45-1 hour a day. Weather it be just walking or workout videos. I try to be as active as i can with a 3 year old :D
  • kafergie
    kafergie Posts: 35 Member
    Hi there pretty sure I am really 4'11" (maybe .5 more), I ususally just say 5', I am 33 and have about 30 lbs to lose, feel free to add me.:happy:
  • Libb3C
    Libb3C Posts: 56 Member
    4'11'' here too! I would be glad to have any new short friends!!
  • aperfectionista
    aperfectionista Posts: 15 Member
    Hey everyone! I'm 4'11"! Add me too! I'd love some new friends!!
  • immarungirl
    immarungirl Posts: 35 Member
    <~~ Me 4'10" on a good day looking to loose 37 lbs :wink: add me if you'd like
  • Lynnwannabethin
    I'm 4'11" 178.8 lbs & would like to get to 120. I'd love to have a new friend and some more moral support!
  • likearadiowave
    likearadiowave Posts: 445 Member
    I'm a short lady who's 4"11.

    Add away.
  • Oreomilkshakebabe
    I'm less then 4'11. i'm more like 4'5! boo ):

    I'm like really small but I'm just maintaing. I've already lost all the weight I need to!
  • Ilangilang
    Ilangilang Posts: 37 Member
    I'm 4"11, lost 27 lbs so far but for a month now I plateaud and maintaining the 27lbs lost. I"m still in the process of learning on how to get out of plateau and wants to lose 50 lbs more. Add me I'd love to see progress of short friends and we can encourage each other.
  • Laura80111
    Laura80111 Posts: 958 Member
    I was 4'11" until last year when I had a physical and am now 4'10.5":sad: I guess I'm at the age of shrinking:sad:

    It's so good to see so many of us shorty's This is my second time around losing I did it back in 2010:blushing: and as we all know it's so easy to gain if you don't exercise and watch the amount of food you eat.

    Good luck to all of us. If any want to add me as a friend just send a message.

  • andreaclae

    I'm 4'11 and 1/2 ;) and i've lost somewhere between 17-21 lbs(depends on the day) still have 10lbs to go and training for a marathon :) feel free to add and good luck :)