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Thinwithin2010 Member


  • Adding extra fiber and water and moving more helps clean out all the old. Chew the food better and just keep doing what you are doing. You body will adjust. Don't go over board with the fiber to quickly. Good luck!
  • Sorry for your loss. Welcome back!! :smile:
  • A drunk person throwing up.
  • Fill out your profile and people will look at it to see if you have common interests. They will ask to be friends and if not you go and look for friends around your age and maybe same interests and ask them. Most are real friendly on here.. Good luck. If you dont mind an old lady ask me and I will accept.
  • I am a stay at home mom for 28 years and now to an 18 and 21 year old. My other 2 live on their own now. I have worked on and off small jobs around my husbands work schedule and have done child care in my home. I couldn't afford to pay a babysitter for my 4 kids. I don't regret a single thing about my choice. I have given…
  • If they annoy you that much then you did the right thing! If its not in your heart why stay? Run fast and get back out into the world, enjoy friends, family, find a new hobby?? Anything to keep you busy and most of all do not let this cause you to destroy you weight loss intentions. In time you will feel better!! Who cares…
  • My thought on the subject is to try to eat your fruit in the am so you have all day to burn off the sugar. Don't over do it with the fruit because remember bread, pasta and ok pretty much everything has carbs which is also sugar... When reading a package you don't look at the sugar contant. Just look at the carbs amount…
  • It happens around the 3rd week or so. Maybe change things up so the body isnt just settling for the same old routine and foods. Remember a lot of the first 2 weeks are water we lose. It will be ok DO NOT get discouraged keep up the fight.
  • Something we all have to remember is we have people on this site from all over the world. The way things are said or written in one place are not always done the same in another. So let it be what it is. I'm here to lose weight, make friends, have support and maybe help others. I don't care how things are written and as…
  • yes if interested go into the settings and make it public then somebody can see if it is with the foods.. Don't give up! Keep at it. goodluck!
  • Walnuts, pecans and pistachios.. I can eat peanuts. Also allergic to apples,watermellon,cantalope,peaches, kiwi and avacodos. codeine and pencillian.
  • I myself have this issue if I eat to late at night or lay down shortly after I eat. Doesn't matter what kind of food. But I do feel food out is worse then what I make at home. I live on tums as our schedule is more late night dinners.. Trying to correct it now. Feel better
  • Need to see your diary to help
  • Seel medical attention from your Dr. There is a reason and they can help you. Don't be afraid of the attacks or seeking help. There are all kinds of things that can trigger them. Feel better!
  • Stay at home mom to 4 daughters and proud of it! !!! .Worked small part time jobs at night while my husband worked days. Then did child care in my home for many years. Always had a yard full of children. Could not afford to pay someone to watch my four so we made sacrifices so I could be home with my girls.. The best thing…
  • When you are done with your last meal or small snack if you do that in the evening> Brush your teeth.. Sometimes not wanting to eat and lose that just brushed feeling will help..
  • I thought long and hard about this.. I realized I really could not figure out.what " I " would buy as money will not buy me health, make me skinny, allow me to have friends or happiness. So I would enjoy using it to help my kids with College or their bills to make it easier for them.
  • Welcome! Wishing you great success. This is the place to be, look up people by hitting the find members and ask to be friends. You can select age, male or female, how far away they are and by the amount of weight they need to lose. I just go with everyone as we are all on here looking to do the same thing. So if you want…
  • A very good idea!!!
  • So cute! I am not sure but looks like beagle and basset. No clue on the size grown. But the greatest gift is to adopt a pet. It will bring you and the pup great joy! Good luck..
  • Dont let them get to you girl! You are doing it the way it should be and you are definatly going to feel better and be in shape in the end. They will someday go off the meds and be shocked they gain it back as the did not change their lifestyle habits. They will not be strong like you. Keep up your good work. One of the…
  • Babe Ruth bars and every once in a while you can find a Clark bar!!
  • Welcome !! I sent you a message and a friend request!:flowerforyou:
  • Would love to be your friend. I too have many pounds to lose but this is the right site to be on for support. Welcome!! Please ask me to be your friend if you are interested.:flowerforyou:
  • Just coming back tonight from being away for many months. I have a lot more then 100 to lose but would love some friends who will be on here a while to achieve their goal.
  • Hi Honey.. So having admitted that you overeat because food "TASTES NICE" it shows you didnt need it or really want it but it is the sensation and the way it feels on your tongue The way it feels good as you swallow and how your brain feels when you reach for that next bite..Possibly?? I have this problem.. I althought…
  • Im have had 4 sections myself and for about 3 years after the last (she turned 18 yesterday) I had some mild pain if I leaned on the incision.. I am cut from the bellybutton down. Now it is just a numb spot on my stomach. Good luck ladies..
  • Coming to this site pretty late but it seems like a good one.. Looking to lose half my body and get off meds for diabetes. I'm a stay at home mom who is starting to venture out in the working world as my 4 daughters are now grown, I find I am to tired to have something permanent. Just in case there is a day I dont feel…