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  • oops didn't realise I had already said hello
  • Manchester here :-)
  • I don't know if this will help at all but I too have been having ongoing autoimmune health issues for the last two years. For a year I couldn't do anything and I too have gained( about 50 pounds.) All I can say is if you have a fluctuating conditions that even the doctors don't understand, (my condition was only discovered…
  • I started this back in May then got sick ad had to stop (not because of the shred might I add). I have started day one again today and god was it hard! It made me think I really want/need to get through it this time. So as extra motivation I am going to post this even though I am really embarrassed by these numbers. Here…
  • They weren't turned away for being American. In Europe its considered bad manners to go to certain places in trainers (sorry sneakers) and you will get turned away. Its not just restaurants either, night clubs, some bars and pubs are just the same.
  • I'm in Manchester and find this site really helpful. The boards are really motivational and I've discovered lots of new things like Jillian Michaels workouts( if you haven't discovered her yet I would recommend a Google she rawks). Feel free to add me if you want.
  • Thank you for the reply... I was thinking I probably should but with no insurance right now the dr is the last place I want to go lol... thank you for the help :) [/quote] When I read things like this by my american friends and see things like people having weight loss comps to raise money to treat a child with cancer ( I…
  • day 2 level 2 and it wasn't too bad, but I am exhausted!
  • Just did level 2 day one and owwwww. Although i know from my experience with level one that in a few days I will be able to power through it, it was still really hard. The fact I've already lost an inch off my waist makes me want to keep going.
  • So had a rest day yesterday making today day 9 of level 1. Although I wouldn't call it a breeze I can now get through this ok and will be ready to move on to level 2 on Friday. For the first time ever I can feel my push ups in my stomach ( I think this means my technique has been wrong for years- cheers Jillian for sorting…
  • I don't know if this will help but I was part of a research group at a hospital in Manchester when I had abdominal surgery. They discovered that you recover much quicker if you have carbs (in liquid form ) right before your op ( I was drinking mine at 6 am and was in surgery at 10.30). They also recommended eating as soon…
  • About to do day 8, level one and have woken up really sore this morning. On the plus side since I started this I have lost 3 pounds :-)
  • level 1 day 4 and I can finally just about to these side lunge things (where you lift the weights 'up to your eyes at the same time)'. Owwwwwww
  • I'm on the dole at the moment so now how hard it can be eating healthy and budgeting. My tips are as follows: 1.Beans and eggs for a good cheep source of protein and you can get tins of beans from the supermarket value range for like 10p (sorry I'm British but I believe that's about 5 cents). 2. For your veggies avoid the…
  • Sorry to hear you have had that experience, they sound rather rude and silly. Love the cheesecake recipe by the way sounds brilliant
  • This morning I did level 1 of 30 day shred and tonight I'm off to a Zumba class at the gym
  • I'm just going to echo what others have said but WOW! you have done so well and its so nice to hear its a lifestyle change and not a 'diet'. You also look amazing! You are an inspiration!
  • had a go at this this morning so I'm in!
  • Hi I am Katie and I a 30 year old from Manchester in the UK. I am glad to find some other people who don't think Feminism is a dirty word. Like others in this group (Which I thought was very interesting) I have a background in Sociology. (I have a politics and sociology degree and wrote policy for a large social housing…
  • I used to be really self concious about sweating whilst training ( thoughts like people are looking at me and I'm fat gross and sweaty and they must be laughing thinking look at the state of her ) and then I thought 'I'm not in a beauty contest or here for other people, I am here to train hard for me and part of that is…
  • t shirt, leggings, trainers, sports bra waterproof if its raining (I live in Manchester it rains a lot) and my running partner. ( I still haven't managed to go for an outside run alone).
  • I'm a lefty liberal type, if you want to add me your very welcome! Don't worry about the trolls on your tread they all have way to much time on there hands. If they actually had a purpose in life they wouldn't feel so insecure and feel the need (and wouldn't have time) to come on here and slag you off.
  • Oh my god that's a real place? I just thought it was a made up dinner on the TV show 'Big Bang Theory'. Sorry I know that is not really what this thread is about but as a Brit I am bowled over that it really exists!
  • We just eat separately. It was a complete waste of time trying to get him to understand or try anything that wasn't deep fried or covered in pastry! On the occasions he tried things I had cooked he acted like I was trying to poison him cos I used a lot of vegetables! Its much less stressful for us both if we just sort out…
  • I would try swimming as the water takes the pressure off your joints. When I did my knee in (I tore the cartilidge and had to have surgury) I kept going to the gym and used things like the hand bike (great for cardio that dosnt involve your legs) or the cross trainer (again low impact on joints).What i would say is as long…
  • Hi I too am a Brit, from London living in Manchester. When I first started coming on here I thought it was mainly our American Cousins but actualy there are lots of us on here too! Feel free to add me
  • Exercise and having a general routine help alot. (even if its just something simple like every wednesday I clean the kitchen). Also some research has shown that people with depression are sometimes missing essential fatty acids so are recommended to take omega 3 and 6 suppliments. The best and long term way that worked for…
  • Today I did an hours circuit class that consisted of a lot of running then stopping and doing mountin climbers/berpees/lunges/squats etc etc- It were ace. This afternoon I am going to whack on some tunes and clean the house from top to bottom.
  • After running i need protien so go for poached eggs on toast. Being British it has to be washed down with a good old cuppa cha (tea)