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  • Yup! I do a low carb lifestyle. I plateaued for a few weeks and adopted 16:8. Back to dropping 1-2 lb a week. It helped me so much because I was a night time snacker. I do find some days that I don't eat enough because I am actually full.
  • Thought I would give an update. I kept up with the spin class now down to 2x a week. I slimmed down further but my weight stayed the same pre-baby weight. I changed my diet and have lost 15 lbs since the start of 2019. My body is definitely different then before baby, my hips are much smaller and I attribute that to spin…
  • Is it for a diet (then no), lifestyle change (then yes). I find keto too restrictive but have great success with lowering my carbs to <100g. That works for me, the weight melted off and easy to still be social with friends. I agree with @ultra_violets that it helped me kick the cravings of things like pasta, potatoes and…
  • I unsuccessfully tried mixing some things together. Tomato paste (one i use is fairly low in carbs), mustard, soya sauce, spices.. I missed the sweetness and it mostly tasted like mustard. I suggested to my husband next time to try a rub. I did see some with unsweetened apple sauce which interests me. The carbs aren't…
  • Thank you so much! I didn't know anything about Whole 30. Keto would use sweetners and paleo would be honey so I didn't know what to turn to!
  • I have a 2-3 finger gap depending who does it. I spoke with my doctor and she just told me it is what it is really. So maybe I should push to see a PT (my benefits require a drs note so i cannot go around talking with my Dr about it again). I did have an unscheduled c-section and didn't make it too far into labour so I…
  • First day working a computer apparently
  • I'm in for the next one. Was gone for the long weekend with no scale. Just starting back on mfp.
  • OT: I must be old.. what is up with the *kitten* that keeps showing up in posts?
  • I broke my tibial plateau and had to be none weight bearing for 6 weeks. My calf shrunk.. they looked like boxes with skin fat hanging from. Took we a week of walking and it was back. 14.5 is not bulky anyway. At 130 I had 15 inch, try shopping g for winter boots with those!
  • Good thought! Didn't think of that.
  • I started off with mom and baby yoga where essentially mom does yoga and baby lays there. Now I go to spin in the evenings for an hours when my husband gets home. I have a very good 3 month old that is generally content with just laying on a play mat or blanket though, she will sometimes sleep during yoga.
  • Twins. Same birthday and half way down too. Gained about 40 and have about 20 to lose for ppw. Love to lose the 20 more I gained the year prior to get me back around 130. I'm struggling though. I've started spin class, walk daily and stalled. I count calories sparatically so maybe that is the route I need to head in. I was…
  • Can anyone send me the TLS bonus report? I could not access on my phone. Maybe I need a computer?
  • Thought I would check in and say I picked up the thinner, leaner, stronger book. Good read so far, a lot more to it than NROLFW. Once this sickness I've contracted is over and I get to the wetlght parts I will give it a go. It seems to be what I am looking for where the days are split into more body parts, although…
  • General aesthetic. I like being able to lift heavier and heavier but I feel more accomplished in inches lost vs weights gained on the bar. I'm hoping 3 days a week. Spin doesn't seem to affect me, even when I started back up, nothing was sore the next day except my butt.
  • Previously I had been lifting on and off for 2 years. It would be largely I would do the NROLFW and get to stage 5 then stop and take a break.. restart. I got bored of the length of time it took (2 hours sometimes) and typically it would take me to summer where I focus more of sports and had less desire to be indoors. Now,…
  • Sorry if this has been asked. Are any programs body part specific person day. I mean leg day, arm day.. etc. I've done new rules and got to when the workouts were starting to take almost 2 hours. I could do it because I became bored and not enough variety (full body and a day 1/2 program).
  • I was cleared at the 6 week to do anything. I thought that was a little crazy especially in terms of core work. My core is pretty much non existent from the surgery. When I do spin, it is all legs since I am so weak.
  • I hear ya. Half was and stalled, jan 29 baby and 20 of the 40 down but would like to get back to 2 years prior weight, an additional 20. Ive startes spinning for the past week. Want to get back into weights but i had a c section so not sure how to go about it.
  • I'm not very active on here currently but I have been to 2 classes and enjoy it. I am 11 weeks post c section with my first and have about 20 of the 40 lbs to lose. But would further like an additional 20 to get back to my 3 years ago weight I am not tracking food because I am not sure what intake I should have while…
  • I found while doing NROLFW my grip couldn't keep up with my lifts. Lunges, step ups.. all had to be with a barbell so I could progress. I even find now a bench press I need a spot to get my dumbells in position properly. With stronglifts requiring you to lift heavy and improve constantly I would say that you won't get too…
  • Depends on your fear level to be honest. I figured it out after a long weekend (from snow plowing to s-turns). From there probably another 3 times to transfer s-turns to carves. Now, years later, I am probably a similar level to going 10 times, because I am still afraid of falling. I find the older you get, the more scared…
  • I don't have abs, they are under my layer of fat. But I would assume Protein is key. Lots of protein.
  • Thank you. I never thought about asking their opinion on different diets. Very helpful
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  • I should mention I am lifting heavy, trying to lose some fat. I haven't had issues with strength gain eating at a deficit but my inches aren't melting like I would like them too. I feel there is some muscke there but it is under a stubborn layer or fat. In summer I am very active playing 10 or more games of softball almost…
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  • They suggest modifications of necessary. For push ups they recommend to start at an angle, maybe from a bench, or a bar (as opposed to "girl" push-ups). Lots of ladies start that way. Planks are also challenging for some so they suggest go as long as possible, break, then keep going. You will eventually get there, good…
  • I know this board was for lifting but does anyone have any cardio suggestions? I am looking into adding some cardio at work over lunch breaks. Maybe something not as intense as Insanity Max 30 but similar. Short, no equipment and a change up. I'll add with the program I am doing now (already mentioned but I am changing to…