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  • @BodyByBex Four 10 hr days, that's a great schedule. I wish I could do something like that with mine. Very slow typical Saturday for me thus struggling to stay awake.
  • Whenever I run across newbie posts in other parts of the MFP community asking if there are other nerds/geeks on here, I always post links to Geek Squid and the MFP Gamers groups.
  • Hi Pin!
  • hope it goes well!
  • Hi welcome! Incase you haven't discovered MFP groups yet, here's a couple that may interest you.
  • PC vs console gaming in a nutshell... Personally for me, I do both. I lean more towards console more than PC.
  • I enjoyed it. Lots of action and as others said, the movie highlighted the fact there is a war going on. I am curious about many of the scenes they did reshoots on and looking forward to it on the Blu-ray release for more details.
  • I picked up a few and surprisingly Doom wasn't one of them. Grim Dawn, XCOM 2, and Dark Souls 3. I think I am done for at least until Spring of 2017.
  • Having never played Skyrim before and hearing about the Special Edition release, I picked it up on Steam recently and having a blast. Also roommate got FFXV for the XB1 and been playing that too.
  • I like that with my night job, they are flexible with the dress code. I can just go to work wearing gym clothes and then I am able to hit the gym right after my shift ends in the morning. Makes the need to go home first to change and get that temptation to skip non-existent.
  • Eek that sucks. Hope you feel better. I have been alone at work the past 3 nights thanks to sick coworkers. It's kinda nice though. I am extra busy so the time goes by very fast and I can listen to my heavy metal polka music on YouTube with no complaints. q=
  • Here's mine! Instead of sitting at a traditional desk, I game from my lazy boy reclinder on a 65' Vizio 4K TV. Connected to it is my PC and on the shelf below the tv is the soundbar followed by a XB1 and PS4. It's kinda nice after going to the gym, taking a shower, to relax in a comfortable recliner for some games.
  • Pretty much this. I work nights and have crazy schedule as well. Typically 11PM to 7AM but sometimes it's more. I personally find sleep is more important. If I am tired, it doesn't matter how often I eat since I overeat to help me stay awake and thus go over my calorie goal for the day/night.
  • Wow that just blows. I hope it gets better for you. As for the Amazon gig I personally know someone who has done seasonal work in their warehouses for them. Depending on where you get placed, expect being on your feet a lot.
  • That is a perk of working nights. Less peopling. I also like being able to go to the gym in the mornings after work. Very little peopling to do except when I sometimes forget my headphones
  • Picked up during a Steam sale the Witcher bundle. Witcher games 1, 2, and 3 for 30$ I also tried the demo of Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's a game where you are a truck driver transporting stuff from point A to B. Strangely simple gameplay that I found fun. I plan to get the full version whenever Steam has it on sale. Also…
  • @lilaclovebird and @bethanie0825 I get it now too. I've been working nights for nearly 6 years and I didn't care about not having a social life while working the graveyard shift for the first 4.5 yrs. But now that I've been dating the same girl for over a year which honestly surprised that I even met her with this weird…
  • Not a nurse but I work nights in IT. I found sleep was my biggest obstacle. If I had bad sleep, everything else suffered. I'd be tired all the time, constantly be grazing on food to help keep me awake thus going over calories and I would not even bother with exercising since I'd be too tired. Once I got my sleeping…
  • So after working the past week from 3am to 11am, I am back to my normal 1130pm to 730am schedule. I slept ok but still feel I am dragging tonight. Back on the coffee and trying out an experiment. 1 cup with one of these melted in. They are small but 1 supposed to have the potency of 2 cups of caffeine in them.
  • Tiny splash of heavy whipping cream with a bit of coconut oil.
  • Played No Mans Sky on the PS4 for a couple of weeks. I honestly didn't know about huge controversy surrounding the game when I bought it. I thought people were just bitching to *kitten* though I guess it was nearly unplayable on the PC platform for a bit when it first was released. A lot of promises were made that didn't…
  • As someone who started close to your weight, walking is great exercise. It was my only form of exercise for nearly 1 year. Biggest piece of advice I can give is get comfortable shoes and moisture wicking socks. I don't know your size but for me I found New Balance and Brooks were the 2 brands that carried my size, 15 and…
  • I like mine with a little heavy whipping cream and coconut oil.
  • This weekend I am working a modified shift. Instead of coming in at 11pm and working until 700am, I get to arrive at 2am and work until 10am. Not sure if I am going to like this or not...
  • I concur with seeing a doctor. Couple of years ago I had mild shoulder impingement in my left side. Could not lift my arm over my head at all. Sleeping was painful especially with being a side sleeper. I received a referral from my primary doctor to see a physical therapist and they helped in getting better.
  • It's difficult but not impossible. Sleep is very essential to me. I found when I lack sleep, I am tired and compensate by over eating to stay awake while I am at work during the grave yard shift.
  • To crush my fat, see it driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women.
  • Pretty much this and time. Everyone's different and people lose fat from different areas at different rates.