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  • Just weigh and log the calories of everything you're putting in the blender. Remember that if you're adding any sort of milk this will need to be counted too. Frozen fruit, especially berries, are really convenient to keep in the house to throw into the smoothie.
  • Do you have an iPad or tablet? I like the Fitstar Yoga app. Rather than a DVD which gives you the same routine every time, the app gives a unique taylor made routine each session.
  • Eggs - omelettes, scrambled, poached - however you like them. Greek yoghurt (add granola, berries etc) Porridge/oatmeal with added protein powder Vegetarian 'meat' - sausages, Facon Beans on toast
  • Yes, believe or not, calories are an internationally recognised unit of measurement.
  • I haven't in a long time. Thanks for the idea, lasagne needs to get back on the menu.
  • A low maintenance hair style and a pair of straighteners kept at work are my saviour. In terms of clothing I have cycling shoes for riding and keep a couple of pairs of shoes at work and I change into work clothes when I get in. I do have access to a shower which is helpful during warmer weather.
  • Sounds delicious! I love gnocchi and have it fairly often in place of pasta. I'd never noticed a significant difference in macros, I just eat it 'cause I like it, now I have another reason to enjoy it :smile:
  • coffee (with milk and sugar - tracked and accounted for) tea water
  • This! Love my Ninja. It's a great way to get in more fruit and veg (I'm a very lazy cook and only have to feed myself). Be sure to track what's going into it though as the calories can add up. If you're eating at a calorie deficit overall then you will lose weight.
  • If two eggs are throwing your macros off then I wonder if you are trying to cut fat too low? If you're geting plenty of fat elsewhere then no harm in just eating the whites for the protein, but there are lots of other micronutrients in the yolk. Sometimes I'll have one whole egg and add extra whites if it helps balance the…
  • It's actually a good source of calcium - shells can be ground to a powder and are cheaper than buying supplements (assuming the eggs were going to be eaten regardless).
  • Frozen veggies - microwave or steam in minutes Smoothies - whiz up in a blender, an easy way to get several portions down the hatch with no cooking and little prep Roasted - put chunks of veg (carrots, beets, sweet potato, squash, parsnip, etc) in a roasting tray with a drizzle of olive oil, some garlic and rosemary and…
  • I log exercise because I want a true count of my calorie expenditure and intake.
  • Nothing wrong with fruit as long as you're accounting for the calories, but if you wanted to cut down you could replace some of your snacks with veggies, e.g. baby carrots with hummous, celery with peanut butter dip or cottage cheese, sugar snap peas, etc.
  • I do like the taste of almond milk but given the price of it in the UK and the lack of protein, I stick to cow milk or soya.
  • Inulin is high up the ingredients list, a known side effect of which is flatulence.
  • Why are rice cakes considered a "food"? FIFY. I am curious about these non-cardboardy, yummy rice cakes. All the ones I've ever tried are tasteless packing material.
  • How many calories are you eating? Are you hitting your macro and micro nutrient goals? Are you getting adequate sleep? Tiredness can be caused by any number off things. If you're concerned get some bloods done and see if you have any specific deficiencies that may be responsible. Taking supplements or vitamins would be…
  • Eggs - omelettes, scramble, poached, however you prefer yours. Serve with salad/veggies and bread/toast. Easy steam fish and veggies - handy to keep in the freezer for when time is short, microwave in the bag in minutes. Crock-pot meals - takes a bit of prep to chop veg and open cans of beans but once it's in it cooks…
  • Between the two. If it's too firm then I'll add a splash of cold milk to break it down a bit.
  • Why not have a plan that allows you to eat foods you find delicious? Trying to eliminate things that taste nice is going to make it very difficult to remain consistent. There's no reason you can't enjoy the foods you love, just work them into your daily/weekly calorie and macro goals.
  • Veganism is a lifestyle choice which extends well beyond diet - "Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose." The Vegan Society People may well follow a plant-based diet for health…
  • Drinking smoothies will only be helping your weight loss if you're eating at a calorie deficit overall. There's no harm in throwing whatever you fancy into your blender but be sure to log everything as you would other food as the calories can add up. If you're using smoothies as meal replacements then try to ensure you've…
  • @catscats222 Just in case you weren't aware, ingredients lists are actually always available on food packaging for the consumer's own interests, should they wish to know. I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve by pasting it here. I'm jealous of the creamer varieties you get in the US. Here in the UK I can only get…
  • Caffeine pre-workout. Post-working out is usually my dinner.
  • Losing more weight is not going to fix your body image. You need professional help.
  • 9st would give you an underweight BMI of 17.5. You should probably reasses your goals.
  • Depends what you want to blend. If you're just making protein shakes/milk shakes or smoothies with soft fruits then you don't need to spend a lot of money. If you're looking to make vegetable smoothies and/or want something that can cope with ice then you'll need to spend more. Popular mid-range blenders are Nutribullet…