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  • Day 3 of the LIIFT4/Transform :20 Hybrid
  • I weigh daily - right after I use the bathroom in the morning. I like the information that it gives me and I have learned a lot about my body by doing it. I used to be frustrated by the scale, but I learned to use it as a tool to my weight loss, just like my food scale.
  • I have kidney issues and I am told by my urologist and my nephrologist to drink until my pee is pale yellow. For me, the amount depends on a lot of factors: my activity, the temperature, what foods I have eaten, etc.
  • I had my gal bladder out over 5 years ago. It was enflamed and filled with stones and about the size of a baseball when they removed it! I was in constant pain. Recovery was about 4 days and I have not had issues since.
  • I am glad you found something that is working for you. Kudos! But I do not share your opinion. Keto was NOT the best choice for me. I am on a diuretic and have kidney issues. I tried Keto and wound up developing a 22mm kidney stone - 5 day surgeries remove the thing, a stent for 5 months, and lost time at work! First thing…
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  • Triscuit crackers?
  • MFP My Fitbit My home gym Food scale My husband (we meal prep and exercise together)
  • I am working on losing weight and lose easily with 200 - 250g of carbs a day.
  • Wicked Whoopies!
  • I have a coworker who did a 30 day detox. She is selling Arbonne. She posted on Facebook how much "belly fat" she lost over the 30 days. Next day at work, someone she has not seen in a while asked her when she was due - they thought she was pregnant! That shut her up.
  • So you did a detox right before MFP? Most likely you are gaining some of the water weight you lost during your detox back.
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  • I don't mind the little bit of water weight each month. I can be +5 lbs. the week before! I weigh every day and have learned that a lot of factors will change the number on the scale from day to day: more sodium than usual, hot weather where I retain a bit of water, muscle soreness, etc. As long as my overall trend is that…
  • I am allergic to essential oils - they may smell nice but totally not worth the migraine, hives, and trouble breathing. I have had so many DoTerra and Young Living peddlers tell me it was because I didn't use "pure" oils, which is BS! They can be harmful for some people with asthma, heart problems, and seizure disorders if…
  • I was told to lower my A1C as I was entering pre-diabetic range. I still eat about 250 carbs a day, but the weight loss and increased activity has made a huge difference in my A1C.
  • My sister was on it for a few months. She lost about 15 lbs while on it (she is over 200 lbs). She DID count her calories here and start walking more. She had to go off of it when the Dr. thought it was not effective anymore and she gained the weight back plus some!
  • Sure do! Between monitoring student work walking around the room, walking to the office/photocopier numerous times a day, walking my students to and from specials, and lunch, walking around during recess duty and motor breaks (we take our students for walks 2x a day - 2 laps each walk. 1 lap = 1/4 a mile ). We also do…
  • I am at about 18K a day. I am on my feet most of the day at work - I teach 3rd grade, so I am walking around the room a lot. I do a short mile walk before work and then I do about 2 miles on the treadmill at night.
  • My face is usually the first place I lose weight, but my belly and thighs hang on tight to that fat!
  • I use Dymatize ISO100 .
  • I "bank" calories during the week so I can have a drink and eat out on the weekend without derailing.
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  • My weight fluctuates up to 5 lbs. around that time compared to a 2lb fluctuation most other weeks. My weight always fluctuates, I just look for the fluctuations to trend downward! I am up 1.5 lbs this morning. I had pizza last night (under my calorie goal, but over my sodium goal) and I didn't drink enough water yesterday.…
  • For me, the biggest investment is the time. I am a full time teacher, mother, wife. I am also working on my CAS, so I take classes. I had to learn how to manage my time and make it a priority for me time. I am thankful it is also important to my husband so he is extremely helpful! We also decided to invest in a home gym.…
  • My husband is a manager in a huge Northeast grocery chain. He says the prices at Trader Joe's for their organic products and other speciality products as well, is much cheaper than the chain grocery store prices.
  • Smile and move on! I have a coworker who is doing a 30 day Arbonne detox. I bite my lip and say, "Good luck!" and go on my merry way!
  • When you set up an account it guides you through the steps and should set your points for you.
  • I am on a diuretic which lowers my potassium as well as kidney issues, so I track my potassium. If I am low I can tell - I get muscle cramps in weird places (like my jaw if I yawn!) and heart palpitations.
  • Jessica Smith also has a lot of walking videos on YouTube. I actually prefer her over Leslie Sansone now... I think its the voice :/
  • I gained 6 lbs. on it the first 2 weeks. I even brought my food log into show a person at a meeting. They could not understand why I had gained 6 lbs. I was eating 0 point foods within reason, not eating my weeklies or my fit points. But, those free point foods added up and brought me over my TDEE. What part of it is…