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  • Our scale went to the garbage b/c it was old and inconsistent and I have not replaced it yet. I don't miss it! I have been much better with my will power and eating since it has been gone. I have always been obsessed with the "number" on it and there is something very "freeing" about not having to think about that. So for…
  • He deserves no more of your time, energy or thoughts! Don't let him have any more control over you!!
  • I wouldn't say it is vital but it sure did make me aware of how much food I was putting into my body. We live in a supersized society where everything is giant...a serving of chips or hummus or crackers is not half the box. It opened my eyes and helps me be accountable!!
  • It depends on who you ask... Personally, from my research, I think the good outweighs the bad, but with just about anything except maybe a fruit or veggie, moderation is key.
  • Again, I need a "LIKE" button!
  • MFP needs a LIKE button! I like this!!!
  • I like nuts and all the things you listed but for some reason (which I am sure is ALL IN MY HEAD) it just is not the same as a crunchy chip. I love hummus but like it much better on pita chips or crackers. It just is not as good with veggies to me. I guess if I have to bake my carrots to make them sound like a chip then I…
  • Thanks!
  • Moved my family from the South (where I spent my whole life) to NE Indiana. It was hard but it was for my husband's job and we all got through it. I was told it takes about 2 years to really feel like a part of a community and that is what I tell everyone I meet that has moved or is about to move. At about the 1.5 year…
  • I don't have a success story yet but I am on day 5 and am not hungry and eating good food! Victory in my eyes!
  • I recently started logging in my WW points and my food intake here...I like seeing how they compare. Once you do WW long enough you know what things are worth what points. I have not tried the new WW that rolled out this year but the points plus and I really like the freedom it gives me to eat moderately!
  • I was curious. I try to watch my carb intake while doing WW so logging it in here and in my WW journal I get a better idea of what I am putting in my body.
  • I have been off the wagon for almost 3 years. We had to move for my husband's job and I got depressed. I have used it as an excuse too long. I am happy (mentally) now and actually really love where we live. I am done with my excuses. Time to move more and eat less!! You can do it!!!
  • I drink coffee and I lose weight. I use sugar free hazelnut creamer. I only drink it once, maybe twice a day now but when it gets cold out I will drink more of it!
  • I think that everyone's body is different and there is not one specific way of eating that works for every single one of us. I also have this book and after reading it felt like it was a good option for me. Carbs are not my friend but I can't live my life without them. This book has taught me the difference b/t a good and…
  • I have battled ED and ED tendencies since I was 12. I am now 39. While I don' t do anything crazy with my food anymore, sometimes I consider it. I now find I am obsessed with exercise and burning calories. I feel like people judge me b/c of my weight. Everything I do I think my weight factors in...I know that is not normal…
  • Sooooo, glad to see other people who understand this!! What works for one does NOT work for all! Everybody needs to spend less time on here talking about what they read and what worked for so and so and find out what actually works for them! I personally gained weight when I ate back my exercise calories and it just led me…
  • There needs to be a LIKE button b/c I like, like, like this post! I love this site but diet/eating habits are not one size fits all! Just b/c someone wrote it on the internet does not make it true and does not make it right for everyone!! Been here a long time and stopped the message boards all together for over a year b/c…
  • Each of us is different and what works for one does not work for all! Sometimes that seems forgotten here at MFP! Glad you figured out what works for you! I think that everyone should experiment a little and see what works best for their body! There is nothing more frustrating than restricting your intake and exercising…
  • Congrats on the 25 lbs! Keep up the good work! This diet encourages good food and really gives you no choice but to eat the stuff or be hungry! My broccoli sure was yummy tonight and I am pretty sure it would not have been on my menu without this plan!!
  • Thank you for sharing!
  • I cycle 100 + miles a week and walk about 15 so I do the exercise. Your body might treat carbs and protein the same way, but that does not mean mine does. I have been on this website for for several years now and know that not every diet works for every person. I have done the eating back my calories etc and it does not…
  • t is a book called The 17 Day Diet and it is written by a doctor. The idea behind it is 4 17 day cycles. The first one is designed to jump start your weight loss so that you feel successful (that is the hardest part for me). And then the next three cycles are designed to add good carbs back in. I have tried Weight Watchers…
  • Well I see a huge difference too so keep up the good work and to hades with all those naysayers!! Don't let them discourage you!!!
  • I love laughing cow too! It is not quite the same as some extra sharp cheddar but it will do. The garlic herb flavor reminds me of boursin cheese (which I love). There is also a good queso type flavor that is great spread out on a wrap instead of mayo or cream cheese. There are several flavors so give them all a try and…
  • I agree and lunges are pretty bad too. My knees really hate them both!
  • I have been considering P90x b/c it is too expensive to pay for a trainer! Your pictures have made me decide that I need to do it!! You look awesome!!
  • I tried so many chx salad recipes over the years and never found one I liked. One day at a baby shower I bit into what I was looking for. I guess what they say about less being more is true. So here is the very simple recipe. 2-3 boiled chix breasts (cooled and shredded or chopped) Kraft or Hellman's light mayo (you be the…
  • I have the same problem sometimes. If I walk really early after just getting up it happens or if I haven't walked in a few days and start again. The more I walk the less I have the problem though!
  • Polar with a chest strap...make sure you get a strap that lets you replace the battery yourself. They may all be this way now but when I first go mine you had to replace the strap b/c you couldn't get to the battery without tearing up the whole thing!! I have had mine for several years and I LOVE it!