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  • Tracey in Edmonton— DH has been seen by healthcare providers at our home. Today the person was Steve and he did a great job for DH. Health professionals have visited DH at home, usually about 3 days a week. We are very pleased by their skills, kindness & care. Sue in Missouri — I like long walks in the neighborhood on…
  • Vicki — TGIF!!! Have a good weekend. Rita — Both of my parents had dentures. They went to a denturist when they needed to be repaired or replaced. The denturist was a family friend. I hope things work out well for you. Tracey in Edmonton — DH is resting this morning. I am happy that he is getting needed sleep. He has an…
  • I seem to have posted twice. 🙁
  • DH is not feeling well today. I called the medical clinic and cancelled his appointment today. We will look for another appointment when he is feeling better. I took his temperature and it is in the normal zone so far, but he clearly doesn’t feel good. 🙁.
  • Barbara — It has been almost a year since I went to Cannon Beach with my daughter and her family. We came home to extreme heat. My hanging fuchsia died from the heat. I replaced it with a red geranium. I liked it so well that I’m planning to get another geranium this year. I like a sunny day at the beach but that was the…
  • (((Pip))) Sending hugs your way. 😘
  • (((Pip))) — I am so sorry that you were hurt again. NOT your fault. I hope you will be able to heal enough to enjoy your trip a bit later on. I got the enhanced driver’s license at our local DMV and am happy about it. I hope they will do the same for you. It cost a bit more but worth it. My husband did not make the same…
  • I just glanced across the river and spotted two Osprey in the nest together. I am thrilled that both birds are here for the season. I hope for chicks in the nest in the near future. 🪺 🙏🏻
  • We are cozy at home. DH is sleeping at 12:45 pm. He hasn’t been feeling very well. I hope the sleep helps.
  • Machka — I have been retired for a long time and remember how damaging it is for coworkers who become sick because another coworker brought disease to work. Working from home can be a good idea. Sick leave can also keep others safer. Shelley — My parents took a cruise ship from Oregon to Alaska many years ago. It was a…
  • We’re stocked up for groceries and happy to be at home. DH is sleeping. I hope he rests well. I am watching an Osprey across the river from us. The pair have been spending spring and summer here for many years. Over the years we have noticed the pair arrive at different times. Only one is here now. I hope both will…
  • Happy Sunday! Looking forward to Monday. ❤️
  • This morning we saw an Osprey sitting on the nearby gazebo roof. The Osprey was there several minutes and flew away. I thought the nest was empty but I was mistaken. I just spotted an Osprey in the nest and I am thrilled to see it there. ❤️
  • Allie — You are lucky to have a pleasant patio to enjoy outside. We have a deck that serves as our “patio.” We love to sit beside our table and watch the river during good weather. At this time it is raining and we’re staying inside. :ohwell: :wink: Kim — We live in a two story townhouse. The bedrooms are on the second…
  • Yesterday we went to get my car from the diesel repair shop. The car is now as good as new and I am delighted to have it done. I feel free to go wherever I want to go. My car is a VW Touareg with a diesel engine and sunshade roof. Getting parts from Germany took a bit of time but are worth it to me.
  • Ice Cream — We like Tillamook Frozen Custard. It is available in pints at our local Safeway Store, and we both love it. My favorite is raspberry custard. Tillamook also makes and sells regular ice cream in many flavors. 😊 I had a delightful phone call from a treasured friend, from Junior High to this very day. It was…
  • It is raining outside and cozy inside. It is 4:11 am and I find myself awake. Time to get back to sleep. 😴 <3
  • Happy Friday the 13th! I hope we all enjoy the day. It looks like a sunny day here in NW Oregon. 😊
  • Heather - When we take our car for service it is 25+ miles to get there. I sometimes have to wait quite a while for the work to be done. The service needed this time is likely to take a day or two. The challenge is getting there and back. They may have a loaner car. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good way to get the car…
  • <3 o:) >:)
  • I’m having a frustrating day today. I need to take my car in for service. It is about nine miles from here. Good news is that they have a loaner available for the trip back home. I’m tired & DH doesn’t want to come with me. I think I’ll check in on it and see if It can wait another day.