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  • I have a heart murmur so not sure my advice will be useful haha, but i get palpitations due to anaemia, and if i stand up too quickly I get a blood rush to my head, spotty vision etc. I stopped eating meat so my iron got really low lately and it kept happening, been taking iron and b12 supplements and it's stopped. Could…
  • I won't mind if i gain a little back, it's coming off a bit fast for me to be comfortable. I was losing around 2lbs pretty consistently each week so this is new, I've lost 36lbs now. Haha yeah I haven't logged anything under 216 on mfp yet because I don't know where it's going to stop. Yeah I use Libra :)
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  • I had chinese food at the weekend and gained 6lbs of water from the sodium - so look out for that too! I felt 6 months pregnant, I peed out 4lbs yesterday according to the scale :o a shame salt and chilli chicken is so good haha
  • I don't eat breakfast because I usually don't get hungry till around 11am, so I tend to just have my first meal then. Usually a meal and another snack around 2, dinner around 6 and then I'm good till 11am again.
  • I lost 30lbs and same dress size. Though I feel like clothes fit me more comfortably, but I reckon it'll be 40-50lbs before I drop a size and then less after that.
  • I think my most recent one is realising the costa latte coffee pods are only 21 calories more than the skinny latte pods and there's a big difference in taste. Worth it for 60 something calories definitely!
  • It does take time, water weight fluctuates a lot, plus the physical weight of food in your system can add a good bit. I've seen fluctuations of up to 10lbs depending on the time of month, time of day etc. More than likely next week or so, you'll have a good loss.
  • Stop viewing it as "cheating", there's no such thing as bad food or bad meals, you can eat junk and still lose weight. What matters is the frequency and volume. What someone counts as a "cheat", someone else might count it as part of a balanced lifestyle.
  • I mean, supplements are fine and all if its the only way youre getting nutrition, but the best, most effective way to get nutrition is from whole foods. Keep trying and eventually your tastebuds should get used to and appreciate vegetable deliciousness
  • Yeah I'd have a think about why you don't like veggies, there are countless ways to prepare them, most people just boil veg and decide they don't like it, and no wonder, boiled veg is gross mush usually. For instance, sauteed broccoli tastes totally different to boiled broccolli. But I must admit, I do love veggies so I…
  • That would be about 5lbs a week, you need to rethink your goals because that expectation is only going to lead to disappointment and likely see you lack motivation to continue. 1lb a week is a healthy rate of loss. And you can't really evaluate whether it's working until at least a few weeks in, there's so many…
  • Goals for this week - no eating back exercise calories No food after 7pm 10k steps every day
  • Heya, my son is a very slim boy, he has a genetic disorder and part of it means he has a very high metabolism and his body doesn't hold onto fat. I've found a few tricks to fatten him up over the years - butter and cheese with everything you can possibly add it to. Peanut butter, lots of peanut butter. Also, he has…
  • I'm not at a plateau but this month I gained and then lost the same lbs so I'm currently the same weight I was at the end of july, which is frustrating. I'm just trying to grit my teeth and bear it, there's no way it won't change soon. I have decided though to eat dinner earlier so I can try to be as light as possible when…
  • I lost 18lbs my first month
  • You can add me :) I'm 25, also have a little boy. I'm pretty active on here :smiley:
  • Grenade bars and similar are a good choice I think, they're very filling and usually lower in sugar. If a chocolate bar fits your calories, it won't affect weight loss *but* eating sugar makes you crave more sugar so you'll never get over the cravings, which almost always leads to higher calorie consumption if you can't…
  • I am an insatiable beast for about 2 days before, then the first 2 days I have no appetite because the pain makes me nauseated so it balances out. I used to just eat junk to make it more bearable, periods seem 10X worse when I can't just shove sugar and salt in my face haha
  • I think you're probably just too small to be doing a higher deficit, I'm 217 currently, with a 600 calorie deficit for my bmr, about a 1000 deficit from what I was eating before. I think unless you're bigger, it's just not going to happen, unless you burn an awful lot of calories daily
  • 18lbs, but gained 5lbs the first 2 weeks of August, then lost it. It would've been about 26lbs but that's my 4 month goal now haha. 28lbs total!
  • Woo! I joined mfp back in 2012 but only took it seriously this year. I've lost 28lbs so far (18 using mfp since july). I slipped a bit at the beginning of this month and gained 5lbs, it took a couple weeks but this morning I was .75lbs less than I was before my slip up :) just keep plodding along, that small amount of…
  • I think it's a problem on mfp end, I had the same issue and uninstalled both apps, it worked after uninstalling mfp
  • I do great on 1200 a day, but I eat back my exercise calories so today for example I'll be eating around 1700-1800, but with 1200 net calories. You need to understand a good bit about nutrition to avoid feeling hungry, at 1200 calories you really can't eat whatever and expect to feel full and lose weight, because it's too…
  • My son will apparently be very short too - during the testing process they once thought he had a form of dwarfism! He's at least a good weight for his height, but eats much more than kids bigger than him. I want his metabolism haha
  • Aw that's brilliant advice! Had no idea my shape could play a part, but devastated about the boob/hips situation haha. I'm pretty sure my boobs weigh more than a newborn baby each, who needs that lmao
  • Oh that could be why, I do have an hourglass figure! From what I remember anyway, it's been so long lmao
  • I haven't been measuring no, I'm going to buy a tape though because I have to be losing something from somewhere, surely. I buy all my jeans from the same shop and check the measurements, I must be losing from my elbows or something ridiculous haha
  • I feel like i will be similar, i started at 246 and got down to 217, you would think there'd be at least a bit of a difference in sizes! From what I see there's only 2inches difference between a 14 and a 16, and I've been in the middle from the start so about an inch away from a 14 and it just doesn't want to happen!
  • I don't, Just because I sleep better when hungry and I tend to weigh daily so I like to be empty so it's not fluctuating as much. But like others have said, if it works for you, fire on!