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  • Body Glide and spandex...and anti-monkey butt powder post workout shower
  • I'm doing my first half on April 26 as well! I'm super excited, though motivation has waned some this week. Using higdon beginner plan since I've never done longer than a 10k.
  • But if you lose enough, the pants will be loose!
  • Greek yogurt and protein powder are my lifesavers...I usually try to consume 120+g per day and keep my calorie counts relatively low. My weekdays almost always end with a shake consisting of both greek yogurt and protein powder. My grocer's brand (HEB Central market) of protein powder is actually REALLY tasty and not too…
  • This is what I've found too...though I use a different combo...I do 30 day shred or Focus T25 for <30 minutes 5 days per week and some days (weeks) I don't have time for anything else. Currently, I'm doing 30DS then following it with 30ish minutes on the treadmill at a light jog/fast walk...and have seen great results!
  • When I started making changes to my lifestyle, I had a lot to lose. I did 30 day shred a little different than most people--I did 30 days at each level, and I didn't take rest days. I also did the first 14 days with NO weights---I was crazy out of shape, and I didn't need the weights to see results. I lost 15lbs in my…
  • Nuts/nut butters, and avocado are some calorie dense, healthy choices. Full fat dairy like greek yogurt is also a nutritious choice. On days when I hadn't met my goal (when I was only eating 1200 cals) a spoonful of peanut butter and a banana would usually get me there.
  • I use whey protein and feel that it has helped me lose weight. I do eat meat, though I don't like it, and find myself short on my protein macros most the time. I use protein powder in refrigerator oats and in shakes too. My net numbers are lower than yours though.
  • This!:smile:
  • I'm nowhere near as active as you...I run about 20 miles per week but no swimming or lifting--although I'm about to change that, I think--but, with all the running you do, I think you'll find you have to keep carbs a little higher. At least, that's what I'm finding. I'm having a hard time getting it all figured out too.…
  • I love this!!! Great job! Way to be healthy!
  • I tend to like YA too--I love Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth...the third book in the series is coming out this month!!!
  • I just bought this for my boys this year...and Kathleen Woodiwiss books were passed down to me by my mom...wolf and dove is her all time favorite! Great taste!
  • I've been doing this for quite a while--started MFP back in March and have had great success, but I ALWAYS go over on sugar. I don't worry about it too much as long as most of my sugars are coming from fresh fruit/dairy. Basically, if you're eating foods that are "healthy" and have substantial nutritional value, then it's…
  • Taco soup--brown turkey with cumin, red pepper, salt, pepper, garlic, onion (or onion powder), pour in some canned beans (a can or 2--black beans are yummy), corn (if you like it), canned tomatoes, canned chiles--or Rotel, and a cup of water....Yummy hearty soup!!
  • I had knee pain about a week after I started jogging too. I am about 5'9" and in the 165 range when I started jogging...Run on asphalt instead of sidewalk if you can. Get good running shoes--there are CRAZY good running shoes out there, but I don't have that kind of money. I went and got a pair of Saucony shoes that were…
  • Just increase your intake by a 150 cals a week or so...slowly increase to get up to where you "should" be. Nuts and nut butters, milk, avocado, olive oil...There are a lot of really nutrient rich foods that are calorie dense, but I understand that it's hard to eat those "on purpose" after you've been restricting calories…
  • THIS!!! And, go slower than you want to at first and it'll allow you to run way longer. I was doing HIIT early in the day and walking with a friend at night, then one day my friend couldn't walk so I decided to try to HRM was screaming at me and my calories burned was AWESOME...I've scrapped HIIT (for now) to…
  • YOU rock my socks!!! Beautiful--inside and out! Your posts have motivated and inspired me!
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly....but it's working for me!
  • Read THIS...when I started really dropping weight I had this...much less now
  • You look GREAT!!! You are doing such a wonderful thing for yourself and for all the people who love you!!!! I SO completely understand the love/hate relationship with Jillian....and within the next couple of weeks, I'll start over with level 1 with heavier weights and do it again. I did 30 days at each level when I started…
  • I did insanity---one day--Then I decided I'd go with T25. I did it 3 weeks consistently and saw body changes but not scale changes. I've taken a break from my indoor workouts and have just been running for the past two weeks...I've lost a little. I've also upped my protein intake. I've had some "life" kinda get in the way…
  • This, exactly. They were my favorite when I was a 20. I've switched over to Liz Claiborne now that I'm a 10. Maurice's has some good jeans too....Suki is the brand I like.
  • This is exactly what I did. I lost about 45lbs over 3 months doing 30DS on YouTube. Only cost me a few bucks to buy bigger weights as I got stronger....and a Heart Rate Monitor because I was curious. I tried Insanity but it was "insane" and I did several weeks of Focus T25 but can't say I love it. I'm running now and…
  • This is AWESOME!!!
  • Geez!!! I should've known!!! I went to on a music scholarship! I played trumpet!
  • I'm so "before my time" (graduated from High School in 96) -- I run to Boston, Van Halen, Styx....older stuff! It makes me want to MOVE!!!! Love it!
  • OMG, yes!!!! Tomorrow night; burgers on the pit! Can't wait!!! I even made sure I bought Colby jack and Whataburger spicy ketchup! MMmmmmmm!!!