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  • 5'8" SW - 224 GW - 180 6/1 - 224 7/1 - 214 8/1 - 211 9/1 - 206 10/1 - 205 1/4 - 209 1/11 -209 struggling to get back on the wagon
  • Ready to be held accountable again! I obviously caved to the holiday season madness -_- 5'8" SW - 224 GW - 180 6/1 - 224 7/1 - 214 8/1 - 211 9/1 - 206 10/5 - 205 1/4 - 209
  • It took a solid week of eating mainly meat & water for my cravings to go away completely. It's definitely a struggle. But feels good to be back.
  • as a side.... I started taking the Super Enzymes that @KnitOrMiss suggested (thank you, btw) on top of the ACV pills I was already taking to combat heartburn & reflux. ACV on it's own was not helping. When I started taking them together I was getting terrible bloating and cramps and was worried I wasn't reacting well to…
  • LOVE this nsv!! Congratulations!
  • We're a cold house family too. I live in California so it doesn't get terribly cold compared to other places, but we run a whole house fan pretty much every night and the other morning it was 53 degrees in the house! haha! I knew my daughter would never get out of bed to get ready for school so I made husband turn on the…
  • Well done!!
  • My eyes are looking better than they have in a really long time. I come from a family with deep set eyes and DARK circles underneath.... all the time. I posted this pic in the NSV thread a while back because I feel they look so much better. That said, if I could afford Nerium Day & Night cream ($100/mo) I would be all over…
  • Yes working. Both website w/ Chrome and phone app.
  • I read an article yesterday that said "it's not about reaching a number, it's about living in the momentum". Reaching a certain number is sometimes too lofty a goal and we lose the motivation. Small goals do help at times but even then sometimes it's just not enough. I don't know about you but as soon as I start doing…
  • Happy Birthday! Mexican is my favorite too and I love the low carb options we have. I admit, the chips and salsa are a total weakness of mine and I usually let myself indulge. Listen to @tcunbeliever and be prepared for the challenges of the next few days and all should be great! enjoy!
  • Ahhhh yes... popcorn. I love popcorn. But I do the whole bucket :smiley: I try not to go to the movie theater very often!
  • Absolut mixed with diet soda is amazing! I find I burn it off a lot quicker and easier than I do wine also, which is a plus!
  • Good Morning peeps! Woke up 6 lbs heavier today! yes, you read that right! 6 lbs. But I feel GREAT and my jeans are falling off. Some weird water retention going on in there somewhere. I love that I don't freak out about this anymore. I've grown so much :blush:
  • I've joined a couple FB groups but they seem to be ruled by whoever started the group... and it's their way or the highway! I just keep my mouth shut and take the few tips I can find. This place is definitely the most helpful. I agree we are all different and need to find what works for us and what we can stick to forever.…
  • impressive!!
  • No soda over the weekend for me. Plenty of wine though :neutral:
  • Well I like the lowering of blood sugar but not much of the rest
  • I'll join this challenge to quit the diet soda too. I usually don't have more than one per day but my weight loss has stalled the last couple months. I could blame it on the carbs that have been sneaking back into my diet but I have a feeling the two go hand in hand :neutral:
  • So true! I'm glad my husband is supportive and eating with me but Dude! read a label once in a while!
  • same.... thank God for the forums or I'd be lost today!
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  • 5'8" SW - 224 GW - 180 6/1 - 224 7/1 - 214 8/1 - 211 9/1 - 206 10/5 - 205
  • Parmesan crisp from Costco. They are very crispy (when I make them at home I leave them a little chewy). But some on here were craving the crunch. I palmed it to give size reference.
  • My NSV is that the husband and I went to the beach for a weekend getaway. I had no trouble at all finding food I could eat and stay within my plan. Any other time I'd use "vacation" as an excuse to splurge. I stayed very relaxed all weekend and didn't stress over what I'd eat. I was full from one meal to the next and…
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  • I LONG for my 17 y/o daughter to want to do this on her own. We tried for a couple weeks during the summer (mama's demand) but it would be so much better and I think she'd stick to it, if it was her idea. She has what she calls "growing pains" quite often. I can see that she would benefit from this so much. I wish I had…
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  • costco has these in the deli section. Very crunchy.
  • I'm holding off buying anything new right now, because I want this pleasant surprise someday :)