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  • Hi. I am Due January 23 with my 3rd child. I am about to enter week 16. I have a boy (9) and a girl (5). I have not gained any weight so far and have been too tired to workout. My goal is to get back at it and make better food choices. I want to be as healthy as possible this pregnancy and after as well. Congratulations to…
  • Starting weight: 159.4..... 5' 3" Week 4: 158.4 (-1) Week 15: 158.4 SAME So I am glad to report that I have not gained or lost any weight. I will be 16 weeks this Saturday and am glad for no weight gain. Actually my weight fluctuates between 156-158. I have to start making healthy food selections because so far I have just…
  • Thank you!!!!
  • Starting weight: 159.4..... 5' 3" Week 4: 158.4 (-1) No nausea and vomiting yet but I can feel it approaching.........By the way I am new to the group. My name is Raquel. I am a mom of a 9 yr old boy and a 5 yr old girl. I jut found out yesterday that I am 4 weeks pregnant. My goal this pregnancy is to continue going to…
  • Hi Everyone, I am looking forward to being in this group. I had great success using MFP but this past year I have managed to gain pretty much all the weight I lost. I am looking to starting this year off to a healthier and happier me. My name is Raquel and I am a 30 year old mommy of 2 children (boy 8 and girl 5) and I…
  • Im with you hun!! I will only have pics from 17 days before summer lol but I will post and good luck to everyone on todays challenge!
  • OMG girl you look amazing! Your legs are incredible and I cannot believe you have had 2 kids. I have stretch marks to live with but would love to look half as good as you do! WOW! GREAT JOB!
  • 30 min is great! I am sure in less than 21 it will be a habit!!!!
  • Sounds like a pain in the *kitten*...literally LOL!!!!
  • LMAO!!!! Totally agree with that one!!!!!
  • Hey everyone! Sadly I gotta admit that I have not worked out in about 3 weeks......my excuses (because that is what they are).....I have been super busy and exhausted .......But I have to get out of this because I am already seeing all my progress go down the drain. I will be doing a mix of 30 day shred level 1, 2 and 3…
  • Sounds like you are well on your way to a better you!!!! Congrats and we are here to help!!!
  • I Usually have a protein shake after my workouts and before I just make sure I eat like an hr before. It has to be something light though...like a yogurt or a banana...
  • This is so sweet of you! I think I speak for alot of us when I say that without all the support we get on MFP and on these groups, we would not be where we are at now so right back at you girl! You are doing an amazing job and are an inspiration to many!
  • This is a good topic! 1. High insidence of chroic disease in my family (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, etc) and I want to avoid that for me and for my children 2. I want to look good....what individual doest right??? I used to be smaller before having children but never quite fit. I did all the fad diets…
  • I am not taking a lunch today since I am leaving work early to pick up my son but I am sure I can find 30 min to fit in 2 miles somewhere in my day today! Oh yes and I will dedicate this walk today to my father in laws well being. He is in the hospital due to mini heart attack and will be undergoing surgery thur/…
  • Here is one I heard today: "No one ever reached success by not overcoming obstacles in the way"
  • Mine was great! I got to spend some time with my kids so I loved that! I am up the same 2 lbs today but what is new. I bet you all I will be back down in a few days and then back up in another few more lol!
  • Goal for th weekend is to drink me my water and exercise both days!
  • Aww thanks hun! Cant wait to be proud to flaunt my midsection as well!
  • Ok so I am posting this first pic because of the squat challenge I am doing and I noticed that it might just be working. I can actually see that curve on my back that I envy from so many of you!!!! So here is the first one (hope it doesn't offend anyone.... And these are my legs! I just wish my belly had some muscle…
  • LMAO This is too funny! Well I will go home in a bit for break and a workout and I will find some body part to flex that looks good......if I can find one lol!
  • I didnt complete it either! things didnt workout as I planned for my sons baseball game so boo!!!! Ill try and get this in today!
  • Hey there everyone! I am still here as well! Been having ups and downs but today I have set my mind! I always say I hate to look down at my saggy belly when I workout but I dont buckle down on my diet so I am taking an aim to eating as clean as I can and making sure I get my 100 oz water a day! LETS DO THIS!
  • DAYUM GIRL!!! You are good lol!!! Your energy levels are crazy! I will fight with you on this sugar addiction. I gotta say my addiction are carbs! Anywho, I will have to try and figure out how and when I am going to get my walk done! I know my son plays baseball today at 5:15pm and we usually arrive at the park at 4:30 so…
  • You all look amazing and I know that we will all getto where we want to be! We just have to push hard and when we feel like giving up, we need to push even harder!!! I know in my case I am full of excuses! Ususally my main one is that I am too tired at the end of the day and too tired to wake up early morning! I know I…
  • Ok I am in for the 3 mile walk! Didnt bring my HRM with me to work but I will do a walk today. I may just go to the park later and walk there! Will keep you posted as the day goes by but may not be able to post pics till tomorrow. As for the Diary challenge I am in. My problem area is always my sugar so will work on that!
  • I love this!!!! Well I dont have many befores....I was 170lbs when I started so the before pics coming up are not at my highest. I was probably 155lbs here...... Then I buckled down and made some changes ad here is where I am at so far: I am on the right! Cant wait to finally be at my goal (summer I hope) and feel happy…
  • DAMN!!! You all have some awesome goals and a great plan to achieve them! I am going to focus on my diet and make sure I cut down on my carbs some especially after lunch time! Also have to work on getting my water in so 100-120oz a dai is my goal. Finally we have the exercise and that I just have to talk myself out of my…
  • WOW this goes to show that if you really want to you can achieve it. I constantly go back and forth with my weight and wonder how all these people can get to their goals in such a short time and it all comes down to dedication! GREAT JOB!