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Less Alcohol - March 2018- One day at a Time

JulieAL1969JulieAL1969 Posts: 581Member Member Posts: 581Member Member
Hey there! This thread is for people wanting to reduce alcohol intake, improve overall wellness and meet weight loss goals. Best part of this thread is we provide a safe, non-judgmental place to express our feelings, goals, fails, and wins. To join, you just have to comment, and let us know how you're doing reducing alcohol. And if you stumble, we are here to provide support, caring words and motivation.
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  • AlainaKayyAlainaKayy Posts: 186Member Member Posts: 186Member Member
    In again! Having a good time with it!
  • MissMayMissMay Posts: 145Member Member Posts: 145Member Member
    I'm back too. B)

    Let's get ready for March.
  • DawnOfTheDead_LiftDawnOfTheDead_Lift Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
    I am going out of town March 6-8 and will likely drink. My goal for March is that is only dates where I relax and all of the rest I am alcohol free and meeting my diet goals.
  • looneycatbluelooneycatblue Posts: 42Member Member Posts: 42Member Member
  • angelacatheartangelacatheart Posts: 161Member Member Posts: 161Member Member
    I’m in for March!
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