On January 13th, 2013 I started my weight loss journey at 309.8 LBS on September 13th 2013 I was down 62.2 LBS!!! I was at my lowest ever but then I went away to college, I went through a lot emotionally and ended up gaining all my weight back and more: now weighed 325.5; on June 13th, 2014 I decided I needed to do this once and for all and while away for a summer of work at a camp I lost 11.5 LBS; I returned home from summer employment on August 9th and decided to commitment 100% to getting healthy.. Yesterday I reached my phase 1 goal: lose 40 LBS :) I gave myself until November 30th but I did it a WHOLE month earlier!!! In the past I focused only on the scale this time through I am also focusing on the mental barriers as well as nutrition and not becoming skinnier but a healthier person!

Goals I accomplished in Phase 1:
- Got out of the 300's
- Lost 5.5" on my bust, 5" on my waist, 5" on my hips, 6" off my hips, and gained 1" on my arms
-Changed my mindset a lot; still a ways to go
-Went from a size 4XL shirt to a 1XL-2XL
-Went from a size plus 22-24 jean to a 18-20
-Completed my first fitness program EVER: 21 Day Fix

Phase 2: starts tomorrow and will go until January 14th my goal is to lose another 40 LBS and build more muscle
35lc9xx.jpg At the beginning
o0qced.jpg Currently


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