Your 'Ah-Ha' Moment



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    I wanted to lose weight for a long time but a mixture of heath problems, depression and not properly medicated hypothyroidism kept me from losing it. I had tried before to lose the weight from everything from Very low calorie shake diets and slim fast and intermittent fasting, weight loss classes and everything else under the sun. until my thyroid was properly medicated and my other health issues were sorted and I got into a positive mental state I couldn't lose the weight. Also seeing other people my sort of size on here and on youtube helped a LOT, since i could see it was possible to lose a very large amount of weight without Elite diet coaches and spending fortune at a private gym spa retreat. wanting to have kids and knowing it might not be possible and that getting pregnant at this weight would cause the kids harm helps me motivated to try but I honestly didn't think it was possible to lose it until i first hit 30 lbs loss. I had lost a load of weight and fluctuated up and down for a long time but never actually had a gradual maintainable loss. I always lost a lot then it would pile back on again. still scared that it will just stop and pile it back on again but i'm getting more use to my body fluctuations like how when its my time of the month i gain water weight and then lose it again quickly after. been slowly losing since October last year and I don't mind so much that its taking me a while to lose it all. I'm just glad its coming off regularly and repeatedly now,
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    It was about 4 years ago... I was doing up my belt and it occurred tome that I might have to buy a bigger belt... that thought horrified me... WHAT the HELL!!! was I thinking.. what HAVE I been doing to myself??? holy *kitten*... BUT it wasn't until 2 years ago... that I got serious about my fitness... having a doctor call you up on a Saturday morning and telling you that he got the results of your blood work and that you should immediately head to the emergency room because your blood sugar is off the charts... and at the same time having my vision begin to decline at such a rapid rate that I was needing to buy different reading glasses every week to keep up with the decline in my ability to see... th eonly bonus was that with the uncontrolled type 2 diabetes... I was loosing about 3 lbs/week and eating everything in sight...

    well my weight hasn't changed much... and I am using the same belt as I was 4 years ago... BUT I have used the last notch on it a couple times this week and maybe I am in line for a smaller belt... I eat better... and exercise 5-6 times/week... and it wasn't long ago that I couldn't imagine how I was going to get 3 work outs in/week...and for those of you out there... who think they don't have time... I get up at 4 a.m. walk my dog ( I don't count that as exercise) get to work by 7:30... finish at 4:30 get home at 6... and in bed by 9... I find time at lunch and after work to work out...funny that when your life depends on it.. or your quality of life is in jeopardy you find the time...I spent years thinking that physical exercise was optional... it isn't...
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    My ah-ha moment was gradual which led to small changes. I had had three back to back pregnancies and my body was exhausted and I had no time for myself! As my children grew a bit and became more independent I could take more time for myself.

    In the past I was never overweight so I had not tried and failed or succeeded in loosing weight yet. I started learning more about how people actually lost weight and I just started with logging. Logging alone helped me drop twenty pounds. Then as I started to feel better about my energy level and stamina I started doing short exercise stints when I could find time and I went back to running (which had been my exercise choice prior to having children!) and I lost another twenty pounds. Now I am training for a ten mile race in November, just hit 8 miles on my last training run!!! Still slowly loosing but not much.

    Guessing that a "can do" attitude helped me make time for myself, going from the cliche mommy focused mode to the whole person focused mode helped me succeed to this point. Including my husband and kids helped too-we all run now! We always are pretty healthy, I just ate much more of it all-this is my biggest area of growth, stopping the mindless eating!
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    I looked in the mirror naked and was totally disgusted. Changing this time because of my age. I feel like I wasted a big part of my life being fat.
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    I imagined myself being 60 and still having to diet post vacation. It felt I can't do this anymore. That I need consistency and moderation even on vacations and holidays

    I know the exact date I had this conversation with myself, loosing and regaining weight is sooooooooooo heartbreaking. I couldn't take the thought of doing another plan and go on and off plans.
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    Today.....will start in 2017
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    I don't remember an aha moment as I was always fat and never liked it and often thought about or intended to lose it. I lost a few pounds without trying just walking too and from college. I felt better about myself and was cocking for myself as I had moved out and decided that it felt so good I'd make a conscious effort to lose weight.

    Motivation was that I had always wanted to be a UK size 12 by the time I turned 21. I was sick of being the fat friend in the group.

    My mindset was that it would be much easier for me to lose the weight while I'm young rather than being stuck with it and it being twice as hard to lose when I get older. I was looking at short term goals and trying to lose 2lbs a week. I decided there was no point in being skinny and miserable so I had a little bit of chocolate everyday and if I really wanted a takeaway or something, I'd think about if it was worth it. If I still wants it I didn't deny myself. I also had the mindset that hunger is not good so I tried to fill up on healthy food to avoid getting hungry because when I'm hungry I'm more inclined to give into foods I shouldn't have
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    A collection of many. Mostly pants not fitting, not liking my refection or pictures.
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    My "aha" moment is just being tired of being overweight and unhealthy. I'm not getting any younger and I would love to live an additional 40 years.
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    For me it was early a picture. I'd known for awhile that once my youngest stopped nursing I needed to get my act together but then a picture from Nov 2014 really convinced me. I was heavier than I had ever been- about 176lbs. I decided Jan 1 would be the day. I lost 55ish lbs between Jan 1, 2015 and May 2015. I have maintained that loss since then. Never going back.
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