1 year of daily logging on MFP...I'm such a loser!

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This weekend marks 1 full year of logging in and logging my food every single day. I downloaded the app a couple of years ago, however, after a couple of false starts, wasn't consistent.

I decided to really give it a shot a year ago this weekend and have found this format a very useful tool in helping me along in my battle of the bulge.

I have lost 120 lbs in 12 months and am 15 lbs from goal.

The process has actually been an enjoyable one for me in that I have found it not to be drudgery. Drudgery is when you're so fat (like I was) and couldn't walk from the parking into the store without my back killing me and being short of breath.

My plan has been pretty simple. Eat whatever I want, just not whenever I want, or, how much ever I want. I eat sensibly, but not restrictively.

I've incorporated walking into my weekly routine and have walked up to 50 miles in a given week. However, there are other weeks when it was hard for me to get in 10 miles.

A few things I've learned along the way, most are stating the obvious:

* Corporate accountability has it's limitations. No one (especially on an internet site like this) can make you accountable. If you don't plan the work and work the plan, it won't get done.
* Excuses are a dime a dozen
* I'm stronger (mentally) than I thought
* Mini-goals are helpful
* Eating at a calorie deficit works
* Walking is fun
* I love wearing size L opposed to 4X
* One's weight can swing wildly from day to day, don't freak out.

The NSV's I've experienced this year are too numerous to list...

That's my story and I'm sticking with it ;-)



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    Losers are winners. Great post. We need more like this one. Thanks! (*)
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    Wow! That is impressive. Thanks for sharing :)
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    Fantastic! Good work! I, too, am down to those last few lbs after losing 50. I did it the same way you did. The old fashioned way. The SMART way. The ONLY way to take it off and KEEP it off. Good on ya!
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    an awesome loser
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    Wow, incredible job! Congratulations!
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    ooh, kill 'em. :D
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    fantastic Scott!!!!
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    WOW :D Way to go! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!!!
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    Wow. 120 lb in a year?!?! Wow.
    And did I say "wow" yet? :grinning:

    And you've inspired another T-shirt...
    Now I want to make one with the MFP logo that says "I'm such a loser!".

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    Wow, you are quite the loser! Congrats on such a grand success!
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    Thanks again. I went out this morning and celebrated my one year anniversary and 120 lbs lost today and bought some new Carhart shirts. Size Large. Not 4X, 3X, 2X, XL.. But LARGE. Did I say LARGE?
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    You are such a loser!!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing:)
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    Well done on being such a loser. I can only hope I am where you are in about 10 and a half months.
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    Gracias to all.
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    Fantastic work! Thank you for the inspiration!