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    My husband and I spent years yo-yoing diet wise. Our most recent effort started by me deciding that this time my weight loss journey would work, that was 3+ years ago. My husband didn't think i would be successful but after 6 good months he joined the band wagon. Previously he always did better than me and i would fail first. When i was failing i would try to tempt him to eat the unhealthy food, not because i wanted to sabotage him but to ease my own feelings of guilt and greed. Because he is a man he can eat more than me so he will often have a treat in front of me, which i don't mind. If however i am having a craving day he will not eat his treat in front of me as he knows how hard it sometimesfor me to resist. it is a question of respect and consideration. If your wife enjoys cooking for you perhaps she could find low cal recipes? And be honest with her and tell her that as much as you enjoy the delicious foods she lovingly makes for you at the present time you need to forgo the apple pies etc.
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    You are in control of what you put in your mouth and practicing restraint is going to be what you need in any number of situations. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to say "no, thank you"

    The only "sabotage" DH has ever done is to place food on my plate or top up my glass when I've deliberately told him not to. It's the only thing I asked him to do when he asked how he could support me. And I've always hated it. I went ballistic and he understood when I explained he was taking control for what I put in my mouth away from me.

    But baking or bringing home food isn't sabotage.
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    I don't let what anyone else eats bother me. I bake my husband treats all the time. We always have donuts at our house. There is a big bowl of candy sitting on the counter right now. I just don't eat that stuff. I know if I do, I won't make progress.
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    Quite often. Though they often won't admit it, it's the whole "I dont want you to be hotter than me, so here, eat this 4 lb cheesecake" thing.
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    maybe she is scared.
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    My boyfriend is very supportive of me and always takes pride in my successes. That being said, he DOES NOT eat healthy. I got him off drinking soda for a little over 6 months, then he slowly started drinking them again and put back the 15 lbs he had lost from going "sober", lol. When we go grocery shopping I stick to the perimeter of the store and he goes straight to the inside aisles, the candy, the ice cream, the cookies and chips. I can't deny him those things. I just have to know that if I want a treat, I can have a small cookie or scoop of ice cream, IF it fits inside my day. I can't say that it's easy though, every day I open our food cupboard and see his side of things I have to fight a mini battle inside myself to not just eat everything in sight!

    While your wife may be a bit jealous of your weight loss, I don't think she is trying to sabotage you. Maybe she just doesn't know any other way. Has cooking always been her way of showing love, before you started getting healthy? I would just sit down and have a heart to heart with her and let her now that focusing on your health is now a priority of yours and you need her support.
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    I get sabotaged by my brother almost everyday, he's currently 60kg+ and he just keeps eating pizzas, fries, sodas and he doesn't even seem to weigh bigger I think it's because he plays basketball almost everyday and have other exercises. I do know that he just needs his munchies but him walking to my room and eating it beside me while I'm watching or playing computer is VERY VERY tempting and makes me wanna at least have a bite of any left over foods then once I take a bite, I usually feel unsatisfied and decide to eat more.