Lost my period?



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    nadiabear1 wrote:
    I got that plan off "Myproana" which some idiot told me to go to.
    Theres (sic) a lot of bullies on here isnt (sic) there?
    If you always do what you're told, then you'd leave that stupid dangerous site alone, never go back, and get some psych help.
    But earlier in the thread, you claimed you made it up for yourself.
    So which is it?

    You're not being bullied, not at all. People are telling you that you're doing something very dangerous, and they're being blunt about it so there's no possible way you could misunderstand.

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    There's a troll in the dungeon!!
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    I'm sure Ariana Grande would approve of you using her picture.
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    Everyone. Instead of feeding the troll, flag her. The more people that flag her the sooner she'll be kicked off of this site.
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    If you don't care about losing your period or if your diet is grossly unhealthy, then why ask the *kitten* question?

    Either you made the image post yourself or you looked it up on a pro-ana website. And yes, *anything* on a pro-ana website that has to do with diet/food promotes anorexic behaviour.

    You know what you're doing, you know how unhealthy it is, you literally do not care. So why are you asking the question?
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