A little bragging and a big NSV (48 lbs down, pics)



  • DerekG79
    DerekG79 Posts: 116 Member
    Excellent work. You should be really proud. Its hard work!
  • sofaking6
    sofaking6 Posts: 4,589 Member
    Awesome!! Great dresses by the way!!

    Srsly having a hard time wow-ing at your awesome figure because I'm busy WOW-ing at your outfits! Awesome figure, tho! :)

  • Triplestep
    Triplestep Posts: 239 Member
    Great job! What are you doing for exercise?
  • HoneyBrownSugar
    HoneyBrownSugar Posts: 7 Member
    SUPER ! ! !
  • Congrats to you!
  • Cmem831
    Cmem831 Posts: 46 Member
  • GrammyPeachy
    GrammyPeachy Posts: 1,723 Member
    You are looking great, and I love both dresses!
  • tattooedminx
    tattooedminx Posts: 19 Member
    You look amazing!! Congrats! Beautiful dresses as well, especially the first one!
  • archanajoyce
    archanajoyce Posts: 219 Member
    Awesome work! Love the dresses :wink:
  • Amy3935
    Amy3935 Posts: 94 Member
    Thanks guys! Glad you like my wardrobe :) Both dresses happen to be from Dress Barn, which I never go to for everyday stuff but find their dresses good quality and not crazy expensive. And they have misses and plus sizes which is good since I bounce between the two (not any more!)
    Triplestep wrote: »
    Great job! What are you doing for exercise?

    For the first three months I was using an elliptical 6-7 days a week which some light freeweights and powerwalks 2-3 days a week.
    For the past three months I go to the gym 3x a week, use combination of elliptical, bike and weight machines, then try to power-walk/job 2-3 times a week.
  • gem_192
    gem_192 Posts: 20 Member
    Wonderful to see, I'm 5"2 and it's exciting to see another person losing weight at my height - you look incredible!
  • CJsf1t
    CJsf1t Posts: 414 Member
    Congratulations!! Great job :)
  • CJsf1t
    CJsf1t Posts: 414 Member
    Congratulations!! Great job :)
  • barnettchicks
    barnettchicks Posts: 11 Member
    You are doing super great! And I agree the dresses are lovely!
  • QueenMother14
    QueenMother14 Posts: 438 Member
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