New squat/deadlift sneakers

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What's up everyone. I'm looking to purchase some new sneakers tomorrow that are primarily being used for squatting and deadlifting. I do not run or do cardio so they don't need to be good for that at all. Right now I have a pair of chucks I use sometimes but I mostly use a pair of Ferrari Puma's that resemble wrestling shoes.

No Vibrams, at all, ever.

Opinions please on what I should buy. Not looking to spend $200. $150 is pushing it but if I really like them I'll buy them. Also if you have a favorite site then feel free to share.


  • TR0berts
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    The ones I use are "water shoes" that I paid $5 for at Wal-Mart. I love them.
  • Shawshankcan
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    I deadlift either barefoot or in wrestling shoes.

    I squat in olympic shoes.
  • Sapporo
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    I like Nike Free Fit 2's. I get them from a Nike outlet store so they are only $60. I see them listed as running shoes on some sites but they absolutely suck for running and are perfect for weightlifting, particularly deads and backsquats as they are flat and very light, almost not even there. They keep me stable and I couldn't squat before I got these shoes.
  • dbmata
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    Vibrams, be cool like me.

    lol. I'm looking at something like Adidas Powerliters.
    Adidas shoes
    Reebok bok bok bok bok
    These Ambers are pretty "badass in eastern germany."
  • chrisdavey
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    I squat in Olympic shoes now. (Australian brand)

    Deadlifts are always done in flat soled canvas shoes. Don't need anything fancy at all, just a thin flat sole that grips and lightweight.
  • CyberEd312
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    I'd be of little help cause I lift in Vibram Komosports LS, they are my go to...... B)
  • Jennloella
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    I also lift in Chucks or my street/skate style Pumas. something super flat and super rigid. Running shoes are for running, so my asics and nikes are for the trail and treadmill.
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  • LolBroScience
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    I have Nike Romaleos 2 as well, but I don't wear them.
  • LolBroScience
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    I love the Reebok I posted above. I'm not a fan of oly shoes... don't work well with me :(
  • jrniven
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    Hey buddy! I got a pair of the Adidas Adipower shoes. I was skeptical at first. They make you feel planted to the ground. There is no wobble. No bouncy feel like with a pair of running shoes. I hate lifting with out them. If you do get any sort of olympic lifting shoe make sure they are tight fitting. I think you can pick up a pair of adipowers for 120$ My bro has the cheaper version from Adidas and they feel just as good.
  • rnegrey
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    you really can't beat chucks
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
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    Another vote for chucks here.
  • CarlydogsMom
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    I bought New Balance Minimus shoes. They mostly run a bit more than $100, but at I got mine for $40. They might be last year's style but who cares. Haven't received them yet, so can't comment on quality, but there are a number of Minimus styles and they include in the description that they're good for weightlifting.