Starbucks anyone?!



  • RockStar or Monster zero sugar + zero calories
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    I used to work at starbucks! Getting something that's truly light there can be hard - even the skinny lattes have plenty of calories for me, anyways. The main thing that I can recommend is GET A TALL. Get a small, don't add whipped cream, and get sugar free syrup. When I worked there, they had vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, peppermint, mocha... plenty of choices. And, if you get a cappuccino, that has less calories than a latte because there's more foam. So maybe get a small cappuccino with nonfat milk and sugar free vanilla. On the bright side, everything at starbucks has nutrition info online, so if you splurge at least you know what you need to do to make it up!
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    If you're not really into sugary drinks, you might really enjoy soy lattes. I used to get vanilla soy lattes (I'd request just one pump of vanilla syrup) but found them too sweet, and was surprised to find that the soy milk alone actually gives it a nice, mildly sweet flavour. A grande soy latte has 170cals, 9g of protein and 5g of fat, 17g sugar. All of which comes from the soy milk of course, otherwise it's just espresso. Ordering a misto or a cappuccino is probably a good idea too though, they basically are all just espresso with varying amounts of milk added, latte having the most. Even if you normally drink milk, you might enjoy soy instead if you try it (I hate the flavour of milk, personally).

    At the risk of being a huge debbie downer, I was tipped off to avoid the food there because they all have a huuuuuuge list of strange ingredients and additives that you would never suspect. I used to love the spinach feta wraps and the black bean and quinoa wraps, but sure enough I looked at the ingredients, and just...nope.
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    My favourite is green tea :)
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    Small Vanilla Latte; Skinny
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    black iced coffee unsweetened with 1 mini moo's 10 calorie organic creamer and a pack of truvia!
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    4 shots of espresso over ice with cream. Around 100 calories
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    Coffee or tea unsweetened.
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    Tall skinny mocha for the very rare splurge. Green tea, unsweetened, the rest of the time.
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    Starbucks addict here! If I get an espresso-based drink I usually get it half-sweet, soy, and with no whip (yes I'm one of those people...) and it easily cuts half of the drink's cals.
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    Black with splenda, either French Roast or Espresso. Ummm, coffee....
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    I am a fellow Starbucks addict. I can't get enough of soy no water chai and Caramel Machiattos. While training I have been forcing myself to drink the Tazo mint tea but from what I hear they are cutting the Tazo line of teas out. I hate this because drinking this tea has become a routine of mine after my 4-5 mile run. I park in the Starbucks lot buy the tea go for my run and come back and drink it.
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    I get Starbucks once a week for the office. Some weeks I get black coffee. In the summer, I get unsweetened iced and toss in some half and half. Winter indulgent drink is usually a cafe misto (brewed and steamed milk). I was fascinated by the new chestnut latte, so I did a grande cafe misto with 2 pumps of that syrup. - it worked out to ~ 150 calories and satisfied my interest.

    I find that not having a regular order means that I get black coffee when I don't care so much and really appreciate the more caloric drinks. When I always order the same thing, it just meets my expectations and feels less like a treat.
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    Right now? 16oz chestnut praline latte with half the sweetener. It's perfect, not sweet, good flavor.
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    It depends on my calorie goal and whether I trust my barista. Since it's the holiday season, I tend to order a skinny peppermint mocha, but there have been times when I would receive the regular peppermint mocha instead of the skinny one (thank god I like to test my drinks with my blood glucose meter if the drink tastes funny). If I experience one of those slip-ups, I simply stop ordering skinny drinks and unsweetened teas from there and order black coffee and americanos instead. I can't play around with my blood sugar going into the 300's from accidentally receiving a regular drink instead of a skinny one, and I certainly cannot play around with my blood sugar going into the 20's or lower from accidentally receiving a skinny drink instead of a regular one.

    I tend to visit a locally-run coffee house at my university more often than Starbucks, but I almost always order a black americano from there (even though they have a big sugar-free latte selection).
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    incption wrote: »
    Hey guys!

    What do you drink when you go to Starbucks?

    Specifically, what do you drink when you want to keep it light? I'm looking for low calorie/low sugar drinks to try while still allowing myself to go to Starbucks!

    Thanks in advance for any responses! :)

    Coffee has no sugar in it. I just add a dash of cream and that's it.

    Total calories are the cream. Maybe 50.

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    I dont think anyones mentioned this but a venti sugar free caramel starbucks double shot with soy.
    Most actual starbucks locations know how to make this --but not all!!! Its not on their menu but i dont know if its on one of those secret menus or what!

    Anyway a venti is a cup of ice first, then syrup, then 5 shots of espresso over the ice and then like a quarter cup of soy milk over top. I ask them not to shake mine as i like the strong espresso taste. Otherwise they make it in a shaker cup.

    Big drink--lots of caffiene (or decaf if you want) -- very minimal calories --and if you like a strong drink-this rocks!
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    Grande skinny peppermint mocha, fo sho. When I want one, I make it fit into my day. It does have 13 gms of sugar, but it's got 13 gms of protein, too.
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    Double tall latte 2% - 150 cals nice treat once a week. Had a sausage sammich with it for brekkie this am - that's 500cals!!!!!
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    Tazo china green tips and the new tevana menu!!! All in tall