Looking for friends with open diaries!

Hey everyone :)

I'm looking for friends with open diaries to help me stay on track and see what other people do to stay in their calorie goals!


  • musicmint
    musicmint Posts: 469
    I have an open diary...nothing hidden here lol
  • simonc14
    simonc14 Posts: 76 Member
    Me too! Feel free to add!
  • chels0
    chels0 Posts: 25 Member
    Same here. Open book!
  • PepperWorm
    PepperWorm Posts: 1,206
    Right here. :)
  • MzManiak
    MzManiak Posts: 1,361 Member
    Mine is open. I am at 1250 calories, plus whatever I earn from exercising. I do not eat "clean" all the time. I have kids I like to take out every once in a while and my birthday is coming up, so if you see cake and stuff... that's why! lol :blushing:
  • manique45
    manique45 Posts: 99 Member
    Feel free to add me, mine is open :o)
  • tiffnkailey
    tiffnkailey Posts: 150 Member
    Mine's open. I'm new to all this so could use the support.
  • Mine is Open
  • glad to help anyone if I can
  • tiffstar714
    tiffstar714 Posts: 11
    Mine is open, good days and not so good days :tongue:
  • jparks341
    jparks341 Posts: 216 Member
    Feel free to add me, mine is open and I'm on daily.
  • JonesM7801
    JonesM7801 Posts: 10 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • joeysfacts
    joeysfacts Posts: 83 Member
    Pretty sure mine is open. If not, just let me know how to open it
  • sleepingtodream
    sleepingtodream Posts: 304 Member
    Mine is open. Anyone is welcome to add me as I am happy to offer support:) I don't have alot tof weight to lose but want to continue forming healthy eating habits (I love food!) and having people view what I'm doing helps hold me accountable!
  • missylee117
    missylee117 Posts: 66 Member
    ADD ME
  • Mines open- And I think I may be deleting people soon who aren't... already deleted a bunch people who were complaining they weren't hungry and only eating 200 cals a day - I'm not supporting anorexia, and when I called them all out on it, they freaked out.

    I'm not hiding NOTHING :)
  • amouser
    amouser Posts: 19 Member
    Count me in!! And same for me, feel free to add!
  • feast4dabeast
    feast4dabeast Posts: 96 Member
    my diary is open feel free to add
  • Bikini27
    Bikini27 Posts: 1,298 Member
    Request sent ;)
  • jessiebritt
    jessiebritt Posts: 33 Member
    Mine is open!