Looking for friends with open diaries!



  • dannatona
    dannatona Posts: 101 Member
    I have an open diary for friends :)
  • Southernb3lle
    Southernb3lle Posts: 862 Member
    Open here.
  • jblackjr
    jblackjr Posts: 89 Member
    Feel free to add me as well. I keep mine open.
  • BrookeBQ
    BrookeBQ Posts: 163 Member
    My diary is open and anyone can add me :) The more the merrier!
  • Annie83uk
    Annie83uk Posts: 128
    my diary is open :smile:
  • Lavidarachel
    Lavidarachel Posts: 16 Member
    Mine too - and like others, I have good and not so good days! (but never feel bad about any of them :-) xx
  • annakdavis
    annakdavis Posts: 28 Member
    Mine is open. Feel free to add me.
  • emtjmac
    emtjmac Posts: 1,320 Member
    Fee free to add me. My diary is open but often empty these days because I'm being a bad boy.
  • smmundy
    smmundy Posts: 12
    Is mine open? Feel free to add me. I don't know how to check but I do know that I have been horrific lately.
  • viragoeap
    viragoeap Posts: 107
    I rely on plenty of exercise so I can eat more, feel free to add me and take a look!
  • Rosytakesoff
    Rosytakesoff Posts: 321
    Add me!
  • Thinnyminime
    Thinnyminime Posts: 41 Member
    add me
  • lacquer_head
    lacquer_head Posts: 49 Member
    I keep mine open! It's not the best, but i'm fairly new to this and I like to think its getting better.
  • leanne0605
    leanne0605 Posts: 183 Member
    My diary is open
  • MsMarlaJean
    MsMarlaJean Posts: 1,741 Member
    MIne is open, but I'm not under a strict regiment...by that I mean I eat what I want, I just eat less and MOVE more :wink:

    so if you are hoping for "clean eating" or a specific way of eating healthy, I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help, but I'm a good posting cheerleader and am game for new MFP friends!
  • feel free to add me!
  • weinbagel
    weinbagel Posts: 337 Member
    feel free to add!
  • wenswear
    wenswear Posts: 14 Member
    Mine is open. 1500, give or take.
  • LoudmouthLee
    LoudmouthLee Posts: 358
    My diary is open, but not hosted on MFP. Instead, the link to my diary is in my profile. Feel free to add.
  • cinfaro
    cinfaro Posts: 131 Member
    feel free to add me :)