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What's the first thing you do after accepting a FR?



  • BeachIron
    BeachIron Posts: 6,490 Member
    I delete them
  • BrainyBurro
    BrainyBurro Posts: 6,129 Member
    I delete them

    hi jof.
  • Factory_Reset
    Factory_Reset Posts: 1,651 Member
    It depends. One friend needed me to buy her a new dress right after we met, so I shopped. Others just need photos. I profile creep them first though to determine what photos I'll send. Not everyone gets to see all of this.
  • Contrarian
    Contrarian Posts: 8,138 Member
    I make them sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Flixie00
    Flixie00 Posts: 1,195 Member
    Not a lot, I would have checked out their profile before accepting them.

    However, I will check their posts for the next few days, and if they are logging under 1200 calories a day on a regular basis, I will delete them. Also, every once in a while I purge my friend list to remove those who don't interact much.
  • sdereski
    sdereski Posts: 3,406 Member
    Send a thanks for the friend request message and see if we have anything in common

    This. :happy:
  • BeachIron
    BeachIron Posts: 6,490 Member
    I delete them*

    hi jof.

    Damn! I didn't realize he had also copyrighted that one. I gotta keep up here! Actually no* one can keep up with all of this and I'm tempted to rage quit* or post a gif.*

    * copyright 2013. Jof inc. All Rights Reserved

    * copyright 2013. Cranktastic Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    * copyright 2013. Noob. Inc. All Rights Reserved

    * copyright 2013. WinnerVictorious Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • DavPul
    DavPul Posts: 61,406 Member
    I PM them for nakey pics so I can track their progress. I give then 48 hours to comply before I delete them. No hitchhikers. *kitten*, gas or cash, but nobody rides for free.
  • Tiff050709
    Tiff050709 Posts: 497 Member
    Twirl around my living room, in a zebra striped tutu shouting "THEY LOVE ME THEY REALLY LOVE ME" then I text my mom and smash a cupcake into my face.

    hahaha...oh that made me giggle.
  • Oishii
    Oishii Posts: 2,675 Member
    I look at their last few posts on their wall and if they are clearly underage or clearly have a very different approach to food, with nothing else to recommend them, I delete before any pain could be caused by that deletion.
  • BenchPressingCats
    BenchPressingCats Posts: 1,826 Member
    I DEMAND the $19.99 I require to be friends with anybody and tell them available payment options.

    Ok, serious answer: I feel like a terrible friend because I usually just stalk them and don't say anything at first.
  • MzManiak
    MzManiak Posts: 1,361 Member
    I just go back to my home and see if they've posted any status or weight loss recently so I can comment.... No need to do a background check... lol
  • ChristinaR720
    ChristinaR720 Posts: 1,186
    I cry tears of happiness and listen to Katy Perry's "Firework". Because I'm awesome like that...

  • craigmandu
    craigmandu Posts: 976 Member
    Obviously the first thing you should do is inspect their friends list to make sure it isn't all female....or all male if you are a guy and then without warning delete them if their "ratio" isn't on par with a pre-conceived notion of what the person is here for...

    Or at least that's what I've learned after reading some other posts!

    <sarcasm off>

    I continue doing what I was doing before...I'm happy that are a friend of mine, and don't go "inspecting" their diaries, exercises, friends, and profiles and simply take them for the person they are.
  • d9123
    d9123 Posts: 531 Member
  • runner2runner
    runner2runner Posts: 1,937 Member
    I thank my my new friend for the FR.
  • RushBabe214
    RushBabe214 Posts: 469 Member
    I post a nice thank you message on their wall.
    _SABOTEUR_ Posts: 6,833 Member
    Find their IP address follewed by their full postal address. Then I deactivate them...permanently.

    ETA: Feel free to send me a FR. :flowerforyou:
  • momofJandA
    momofJandA Posts: 1,038 Member
    First thing, is creep though their photos.
    Second thing, I pm links to junk shots

    and THAT"s why you are on my FL :wink:
  • mcibty
    mcibty Posts: 1,252 Member
    Perv on their diary then photos