"4 Weeks Team Challenge" - Join me ;) Jan 17 to febr 13 Just before Valentine's Day

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<3 "4 Weeks Team Challenge"


This is not a one time '4 weeks challenge', the challenge will go on in cycles of 4 weeks until we reach our goals. And you decide the amount of weight you want to lose weekly or monthly. I have seen all kind of diets where people lose tons of pounds in a short time, like in juicing plans and I have seen others where people enjoy the long road. Whichever fits you, go for it! But we need to be objective and for this, numbers will talk weekly.

We all know what we have to do in order to lose weight, we just need lots of Motivation and Support from others trying to achieve similar goals. In my case I have to lose at least 30Lbs to feel comfortable again in my own body and also with my BMI ;)

Some important daily topics:
Are you following a specific meal plan?
How many glasses of water are you planning to drink daily?
How much time are you going to put into your workout?

For me these are the most important basis to focus in order to accomplish our goals, and tons of motivation!!!

If anybody wants to join me, please feel free to do it. I had an ok breakfast, but after reading some posts in this great App :) I got so motivated, now I plan to have a great fit day for the rest of this day.
Remember we start on Saturday, get your refrigerator ready, workout clothes, your notebook and plan ahead. Review your plan first thing every morning, I plan to do it to remind myself why I am doing this, to stay focus on my goal, to be disciplined in this Weightloss Journey.