Let's talk Green Tea.

I have just started drinking green tea which gives me more energy and I read some articles where it gives you high endurance with aerobic work outs. What benefits have you had from drinking brewed green tea? I also have PCOS, so those who suffer with this, did you see any benefits as well? thanks


  • geneticsteacher
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    Well, it has antioxidants, but I have never heard that it increases energy. It is also high in Vitamin K, needed for blood clotting, so those on anti-coagulation drugs must be careful with the amount they drink.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    I haven't seen any benefits from drinking green tea. I suppose it's one of the things keeping me healthy, but I've never noticed any difference in aerobic performance when I'm drinking it. Something higher in caffeine like black tea might help more with endurance.
  • radmack
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    I have been drinking more green tea. It is less irritating to my stomach than coffee. Unfortunately less caffeine too so sadly it does not give me more energy.
  • pittjenn
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    I have been adding a cup or two of green tea to my afternoons. I used to drink another 20oz of coffee in the afternoons instead, so it's less energy than I'd get from that (but if I had nothing, I'd be in a complete slump, so it's helping!). But I added it for the antioxidents, so check in with me in a decade or so to judge my skin for yourself ;)
  • KarenJanine
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    I've never heard of green tea increasing energy, and it certainly has no effect on me. If you want something to give you a boost pre-work have a coffee.
  • Laurend224
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    Green tea on an empty stomach gives me the queasies.
  • I love all the different flavours of green tea out there now!! Really helps with water intake for me. Currently sat drinking the Twinings gingerbread one at the mo and it's lovely!! Xx
  • Amitysk
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    I love green tea! But I haven't noticed that it's made any difference.
  • foxlme
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    If YOU believe it makes a difference, it makes a difference. That's the power of the mind. :)
  • gobonas99
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    I love green tea....and black tea...and white tea...and oolong tea...and herbal tea....honestly...there's not a tea I've tried that I haven't liked. But I drink it because I love it...not because it's "magic". :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Lasmartchika
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    Green tea warms me up. :smile: That's all it does.
  • JeffseekingV
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    Green tea has caffeine.
  • uconnwinsnc1
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    The caffeine will give you better endurance. It is good for you and tastes good as long as you don't over boil it.

    There are some good high quality teas out there and then there are some nasty floor scraps called "tea." Find what you like the most!
  • WickedPineapple
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    I also love green tea, especially with jasmine. I started drinking it to decrease my coffee intake. I did notice it helped with my appetite (probably in a similar way that people always say to keep hydrated to make sure you're really hungry and not actually thirsty). Other than that, I haven't noticed any increase in energy.
  • WillowD227
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    I've been drinking a lot of green tea for well over a year now. I also started it to help reduce my coffee drinking. I like it, but honestly, I haven't noticed a reduction in appetite or an increase in energy. I wish, though!
  • JohnH71
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    I don't use milk hardly at all,but I like it in my coffee. Living on my own, I would find that the milk would go off before I'd used it, so started drinking green tea becasue it meant I didn't need to keep milk in stock. As my palate has changed, I know prefer green tea to coffee or black tea, but I can't honestly say I've noticed any health benefits.
  • It makes me feel full which is a nice added bonus. I'll drink a glass between meals if I start feeling hungry. I used to drink with dinner but learned that tea can actually block the absorption of some minerals like iron so it's better to drink between meals. That's also why women who are pregnant are recommended not to drink tea.
  • melissawilson21
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    Hmm. I have been drinking Lipton Green Tea with super fruits. I just drank some and I feel more energy with it than coffee is seems. I did read that drinking 4 glasses of green tea can help with starches as far as processing them which is a plus. I guess we will see. lol