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  • kimdommerckimdommerc Posts: 63Member Posts: 63Member
    I too went out for "a" drink on Saturday and ended up having about 6 beers. Weighed myself today on my official weigh in day and only lost 0.4lbs. I am disappointed in myself but that will hopefully push me to do much better this week. I did sooooo good all week with my diet and exercise but damn those beers!!! Good luck this week to everyone else.
  • kimmerlyjokimmerlyjo Posts: 134Member Member Posts: 134Member Member
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i can tell that time is getting ready to sneak up on me cause all of a sudden out of NO WHERE i want to eat everything in sight... doesn't matter if it's junk or if it's healthy... my body just wants it and it wants it NOW!!!! hhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppp!!!!! It's only 2 in the afternoon here and I have already drank 9 glasses of water hoping that would fill my belly but it's not helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:explode: :angry: :grumble: :noway: :embarassed: :frown:
  • natashavnatashav Posts: 108Member Member Posts: 108Member Member
    well i lost 10 pounds so far then saturday i drank some beer and it was over cause i drank alot. anyways i didnt eat anything but 10 beers has to be at least 1200 calories anyways after my sunday hangover i got up and mowed the lawn and worked out on my elliptical machine so i feel good now, but because of those stupid beers i gained 5 pounds back but i think its water weight but still it makes me feel big soo dont feel bad.
  • REB89REB89 Posts: 493Member Member Posts: 493Member Member
    well my weigh in isnt until friday and i'm really hoping to lose some weight cause i've been stuck on a plateau for almost a month, it's so frustrating!!!!
  • SunnyInBuffaloSunnyInBuffalo Posts: 58Member Posts: 58Member
    I think I had a wine issue from weekend...retaining water after. I weighed myself today and I am I lost a pound from last week (and 4 pounds from yesterday...I was bloated) ..Yay!!!! I think I am going to change my weigh day to Tuesday...due to the weekend issues ::drinker: Also work on weekend issues:smooched:
  • lovemuffinslovemuffins Posts: 91Member Posts: 91Member
    exactly. hey here's hoping that your body is just retaining those beer bubbles, drink lots of water and weigh again in a couple days! lol!

    :laugh: BEER BUBBLES :laugh: That's a good one. Now I am going to try and get some sleep. For as good as I have been doing I have not been on the treadmill since Thursday. Life has been so busy, and last night I only got one hour of sleep due to my mind racing and kids not being able to sleep. :yawn: So I am going to go take a nap (which I am not a napper) and hopefully get back on track! :grumble:
  • momandwifemomandwife Posts: 151Member Posts: 151Member
    I neither gained nor lost this week ...... :grumble:

    Still at 141.5. :sad:

    The frustrating thing is ...... I got on the scale on Sunday (Tuesday is the day that I actually record on MFP) and I was down to 139.5!!!!!!! I have not been under 140 FOREVER!!! Wish I could record that weight ..... but I'm going to stick to my Tuesday Weigh In. :tongue:

    Guess that tells me that I CAN get back to that and I WILL do it!!!!!

    I can make all kinds of excuses for not losing this week .... but I will keep them to myself .... I know what I need to do ...... in fact - I'm going to get my shoes on right now and get on the treadmill while reading a magazine I picked up the other day. :tongue:
  • kimmerlyjokimmerlyjo Posts: 134Member Member Posts: 134Member Member
    Well looks like I joined the not moving club this week. Which I won't complain seeing as how I did a little binging this weekend. Just holdin strong at 137.... OMG I just took my measurements for the first time in 2 weeks i've lost 1/2 in to an inch all over... I definately won't complain about the scale not moving now!!!!
  • nicole0177nicole0177 Posts: 377Member Posts: 377Member
    well im joining the club because i have 26 pounds to lose!!! and ive been doing good and need to have a good body for summer!!!
  • xmimikinsxxmimikinsx Posts: 191Member Posts: 191Member
    Hahaha I'm laughing at all these beer references......I know why one drink turns into get that taste of alcohol and you just want to have fun and your diet goes out of the window.

    This is me on Friday night

    "I'm only having one"

    after one...

    "Well you know what I deserveto drink another glass, or three. Who cares if I'm on a diet. I just want to have fun."

    the day after...

    "F**K F**K F**K I'm ruined. RUINED I TELL YOU"

    Lol. Well done on the weight loss, even if it was just a little, and welcome and new joiners!
  • kimmerlyjokimmerlyjo Posts: 134Member Member Posts: 134Member Member
    That is soooooooo true xmimi!!! I've done that a million times. I tell my husband "hey baby I will drive tonight" to keep myself from drinking more than 1. but the second it hits your lips. mmmmmmmmmmmmm so good! next thing you know we're callin a cab! :drinker:

    I think I need a beer tonight... had a HUGE work out day and I still have 900 cals to eat and I've had all my meals and a couple snacks YIKES!!!
  • xmimikinsxxmimikinsx Posts: 191Member Posts: 191Member
    Omg get a bottle of something and drink the whole darn thing! Hehehe!
  • kimmerlyjokimmerlyjo Posts: 134Member Member Posts: 134Member Member
    I swear if I weren't at work right now I so would!!! I'm so trying not to run upstairs to the snack bar and get something horrible yet oh so tasty!!! I brought carrots mushrooms and cuccumbers to work with me tonight but shoot that's going to give me maybe 30 calories if I go crazy on them... UGH!!!
  • xmimikinsxxmimikinsx Posts: 191Member Posts: 191Member
    I suggest you buy a bar of AT LEAST 70% dark chocolate and eat one square and it will curb your sweet craving and isn't bad for you - it's soo strong you won't want to eat any more :-)
    Poor your with your cucumber sticks and carrots! Hehehe!
  • kimmerlyjokimmerlyjo Posts: 134Member Member Posts: 134Member Member
    OMG the thought of eating dark chocolate just turns the belly :sick: Not a huge chocolate fan. Don't get me wrong I like it every now and then but I think I have a harder time not hittin up the raspberry cream cakes... ugh! NO EMPTY CALORIES!!! Unless it's beer or wine!!! :bigsmile: I just need to get out of work already for the night!!!
  • xmimikinsxxmimikinsx Posts: 191Member Posts: 191Member
    ah ha but one small square of dark chocolate will take your sweet cravings completely away whether you really like it or not <light bulb> :-)
  • kimmerlyjokimmerlyjo Posts: 134Member Member Posts: 134Member Member
    Yes that is true!!! I'll have to look around the house when I get home and see if I have some!!!

    Man we totally look like MFP has consumed our lives... in a way I think it has!!! :laugh: :wink: :sad:
  • xmimikinsxxmimikinsx Posts: 191Member Posts: 191Member
    Oh tell me about it. I'm being told I'm being obsessive about calorie counting. Just because I count the calories of my breakfast lunch dinner and snacks doesn't mean I'm obsessed, it means I have no self control and i need a disciplined way of losing weight. So shut up all your non-dieting friends and foes! Hahaha I love it though, I'm already feeling better just because I've been doing it for a's funny isn't it, eat salad for a day and delusion takes over, those jeans that didn't fit yesterday might fit today HAHAHAHHAHAA :laugh:
  • kimmerlyjokimmerlyjo Posts: 134Member Member Posts: 134Member Member
    I'm right there with you!!! Everyone here looks at me like I'm crazy! And now i've started trying to convert them! I actually got one person to sign up but i'm not sure if he really uses it! But i'm trying to convince some of the others that they need to start making some sort of "life change". If they can't do it all at once then just start with something small like cutting out sodas or that extra 3 helping of mayonase with their fries. I know i'm annoying some of them but I also know i'm starting to get through to some of them too! :devil:
  • xmimikinsxxmimikinsx Posts: 191Member Posts: 191Member
    Haha I know I was singing the praises of kcal counting the other day and got a kind of "what are you tring to say" reaction, oops! I've got 3 of my friends to join but I don't think they use it either. :explode:
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