It is unlikely that you will lose weight consistently (i.e., weight loss is not linear)



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    Excellent, excellent post. Thank you
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    Oh yeah, I definitely have to remind myself of this a lot. Just last week I posted on my newsfeed that weight loss was feeling like two steps forward, two steps back. One of my friends replied to keep at it and one day I'd get three steps forward. That's pretty much how it works.
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    With 90 days of tracking my weight every day, I can finally see my pattern as one month of tiny ups and downs, then 2 pounds gone.
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    Agreed! Well done.
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    I'm bumping this to give me the strength to not say F-it because my weight has gone up by two pounds in the last 4 days and I don't know why. :neutral_face:
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    I needed to read this post today, thank you so much! Slowly but surely.....
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    We got an Aria scale, connected it to Fitbit account (which is connected to MFP) and Trendweight, and man does it do a good job of taking the stress out of daily fluctuations. I just check that my trend line is still moving down and then focus on controlling what I eat and doing my exercise. Everything else will take care of itself.

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    I love this post. Thank you! :smiley:
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    Thanks for posting this. My daily weights are definitely up and down. Last month I took a screen shot of someone's graph that shows zigzags just like mine. It makes me feel better, to see that the overall trend can be impressive, even when it doesn't seem like it on any given week.
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    Two images to illustrate this.

    This one is a zoom-in of an arbitrary 7-day period, from February 21st to 27th:


    This one is a zoomed out chart since I started last October, with the small 7-day period from the above chart highlighted in the red rectangle:


    I rest my case.

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    Great post!
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    I want to hate this post so much, because I have been stuck for 3 weeks with nothing to show on the scale... but it's so true. Perspective is everything, and I am far more fit, and look so much better than I did when I started just a mere 2 months ago...
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    Bumping this yet again for all the people posting this week in the forums about their "plateaus".
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    Feels like this should stay on page one for a while. Adding a bump.
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    This is a fantastic post.
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    This was excellent for me to see today. This morning I saw my first gain since February. Instead of freaking out I managed to keep in mind what wise MFP-ers have said about weight loss not being linear. This just reinforces it. Thank you!
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    the simplest solution to frustration is both motivating yourself with posts and stories and pictures from others and clicking on the reports tab on your front page.

    weight loss is never linear, and i and thousands of others will attest to that. i have done many drastic and unhealthy things because i didn't listen to people and was frustrated. do not punish your body.

    that said, over a period of seven months, i have lost eighty pounds and i'm still losing; again, it's not linear and it never will be, but i guarantee you my reports tab has a huge downward leveling. there has seldom been a time i've had a plateau and when it happens, i make necessary adjustments to break it.

    you CAN do this!
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    It is funny that this was bumped today because I have been in a very impatient mood for the past few days. I kind of want to tell the OP to shut her piehole but people look at me weird when I talk to myself ;)