i went from a size 20 to a size 13/14 in jeans!

I am so proud of myself:) just mainly from using my fitness pal for almost 200 days since august I've lost over 40 pounds, 5 inches around my waist and 3 inches around my legs!!! ❤


  • Hungry_Annie
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    Good for you! Great accomplishments!
  • ImpracticalGirl
    ImpracticalGirl Posts: 59 Member
    Awesome <3
  • jlq82
    jlq82 Posts: 4 Member
    Great Job!!
  • mztoyahall
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    That's awesome!
  • debubbie
    debubbie Posts: 767 Member
    Fabulous job!
  • Gr8ChangesAhead
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    great job, keep up the hard work
  • nityangel21
    nityangel21 Posts: 1 Member
    You are were i would like to be what else helped you get there?

    Thanks Trinity
  • music_lover_008
    music_lover_008 Posts: 2 Member
    Just basically eating healthy, making healthy substitutions for everything, even the little things that don't seem to matter, cut out unnecessary calories and fats, drink lots of water, cut out sweets, junk food, and pop. And find a work out that is fun for you and that you enjoy doing!! Actually you can't even necessarily cut anything out, if you're craving it, its okay to have a cheat day every once in awhile. It's better to indulge that craving than try to fill that void with other things or binge! And use my fitness pal EVERYDAY. :)
  • sbrookes9
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    Great job!