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How do you like to eat your Quest Bars?

Just wondering, how do you like to eat your Quest Bars? Baked, microwaved, straight out of the wrapper or some other way? Which ways are the Double Chocolate Chunk, Apple Pie and S'mores best?


  • andreamaym
    andreamaym Posts: 179 Member
    I usually microwave mine for 12-15 seconds, no matter the flavour. I do stay away from anything with a fruity flavours, though. I don't like those at all.
  • FitPhillygirl
    FitPhillygirl Posts: 7,124 Member
    I just eat them right out of the wrapper. I don't like them warm.
  • dunnodunno
    dunnodunno Posts: 2,290 Member
    The Cooke Dough I'll either microwave or eat it out of the wrapper.

  • nickatine
    nickatine Posts: 451 Member
    Cookies and cream out of the wrapper, cookie dough baked, double chocolate chunk microwaved and topped with peanut butter.
  • Ready2Rock206
    Ready2Rock206 Posts: 9,488 Member
    I like mine microwaved for 10 seconds. My son just warms them by keeping them in his pocket. He gave me a taste of his the other day - I was like ewww I'm not sure if I want to taste something that was pocket warmed...
  • easkid
    easkid Posts: 11 Member
    i like mine microwaved for about 15 seconds, or i just leave it in my car baking in the sun for 2 hours while im in the gym
  • lisawinning4losing
    lisawinning4losing Posts: 726 Member
    Straight out of the wrapper. I usually stick to the ones that are 160-180 calories. I like the Oreo, chocolate chip cookie dough, double chocolate chip, and lemon meringue pie. I'm so lucky to have a place by my house that sells them for only $1.50 each. But still I have to be careful and not eat too many! Ha ha!
  • ythannah
    ythannah Posts: 4,369 Member
    I usually eat mine at work, slightly warmed from sitting on top of my computer. The only one I've ever microwaved is the coconut cashew one, because otherwise it can be a bit dense and chewy.
  • tmdpotts
    tmdpotts Posts: 27 Member
    i guess Im the only one who likes to have them cold, i freeze or put them in the fridge. keeps me from eating it in 30 sec
  • minipony
    minipony Posts: 194 Member
    tmdpotts, I love mine cold too. I don't freeze them but love them straight from the fridge. Takes me longer to eat them too.
  • LeanButNotMean44
    LeanButNotMean44 Posts: 852 Member
    Double Chocolate Chunk right out of the wrapper. It's like eating a cookie! B)
  • PeachyCarol
    PeachyCarol Posts: 8,029 Member
    edited February 2015
    I just eat mine straight out of the wrapper. I mostly like the fruit flavors best (except lemon). The only chocolatey one I like is Cookies 'n Cream. I force myself to take tiny bites and eat them very slowly.
  • scaryg53
    scaryg53 Posts: 268 Member
    I love them any way they are. All of the flavors.
  • diegops1
    diegops1 Posts: 154 Member
    They can be a little pasty/mealy and dry for my tastes, so I usually eat them with a cup of hot tea.
  • andreamaym
    andreamaym Posts: 179 Member
    tmdpotts wrote: »
    i guess Im the only one who likes to have them cold, i freeze or put them in the fridge. keeps me from eating it in 30 sec

    Wow I've never heard of someone doing that - I'm gonna give that a shot this week! Never hurts to try something different (:
  • jadumz
    jadumz Posts: 80 Member
    I've never heard of these but I want them
  • aplcr0331
    aplcr0331 Posts: 186 Member
    All I know is that some trainer dude told me to warm up the cinnamon roll ones because "they taste just like a real cinnamon roll!". Liar!

    I'd punch him in the face if he wasn't taller than me...and younger....and in better shape....and could beat me up. Anyway...face punch for the lying liars who say cinnamon roll tastes like a cinnamon roll. Goddamn you....don't lie to us fatties like that.

    I eat my cookies and cream straight out of the wrapper. With some Powerade Zero.


    Sorry, get a little emotional about that one.
  • bubbabacon
    bubbabacon Posts: 24 Member
    I just discovered them. They are delicious!! My favorite right now, banana muffin- in the microwave for 5 seconds. I even put it in a smoothie. Yum!
  • JulieAnneFIU
    JulieAnneFIU Posts: 125 Member
    Baked at 350 for six minutes. The cookie dough tastes like a freshly baked cookie.
  • KimberlyinMN
    KimberlyinMN Posts: 302 Member
    Microwaved with a couple of scoops of french vanilla ice cream.

    No, seriously though, microwaved. :)