What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • AnnPT77
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    The warmest thing I've found are either the lined mittens that Canadians call "choppers" (typical is a leather outer, wool inner liner that's separate). There are gloves that are similar, and have more maneuverability, usually deerskin outer glove with inner separate wool liner. (These look nice enough for dress-up occasions in the cold.) There may be others warmer, but that's my experience.

    You can literally get heated mittens, but they're very expensive. A less-expensive hack is to get a box of the small chemical heat packets that hunters use, and stick them in your gloves/mittens. With mittens, they should fit near your fingertips, if that's the main problem.

    Personally, if I were feeling cold more frequently as a thin person than when overweight, I'd be considering a conservative reverse diet - no guarantees, though. There's at least a chance that it's not all just about fat as insulation.
  • Melwillbehealthy
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    Ok ladies, omg, I agree with all that you’ve said😳
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