March 2015 Weight Loss Challenge



  • Rivers2k
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    Good job to all of you who lost weight. March was a bust for me. I stopped low carb and switched to counting calories and all that I lost came packing back on no matter how careful I was. So here is to starting yet again but just doing counting calories this time.
  • Dragn77
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    Name: Candice
    Age: 38
    Height: 5'10"

    Start Weight (1st March): 192.2
    Goal Weight (1st April): 185

    1st March: 192.2
    8th March: 190
    15th March: 186.5
    22nd March: 185.4
    29th March: 186.1
    1st April: 184.5

    Weight lost/gained this week: -1.6
    Weight lost/gained this month: -7.7

    Successes/struggles this week:
    15 Mar - Reached my very 1st goal, to get to a BMI of 27
    22 Mar - Eating out twice this week at waaay over goal slowed my progress
    29 Mar - More eating out and now my weight is on the rise. I need to reel it in.
    1 Apr - That jump on the 29th was just water retention, so Im glad I was able to get that off.

    What a difference a day makes, I gained 0.6 lbs since yesterday the 31st, so my actual total month loss is 8.3 lbs. But WHO CARES?! I reached my goal for this month regardless and Im **super** thrilled!

    See you all in the April thread!!
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    Name: amy
    Age: 54
    Height: 5' 8"

    Start Weight (1st March): 177
    Goal Weight (1st April):172 or lower

    1st March: 177
    8th March: 177
    15th March: 176
    22nd March: 175.6
    29th March: 175.2
    1st April: 174.7

    Weight lost/gained this week: -.5 pounds
    Weight lost/gained this month: -2.3 pounds

    Successes/struggles this week: ok, so I did not meet the goal I set for myself. In the past I could just drop 3 or 4 pounds easily. Not so this time around. Still, I am going in the right direction which makes me happy. I got a Fitbit charge hr for my birthday and this will help me accurately track. I hope we do this for April, too. It really helps to have the community.
  • JennieMaeK
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    Name: Jennie
    Age: 39
    Height: 5'5"

    Start Weight (4th March): 231.2
    Goal Weight (1st April): 224.6

    4th March: 231.2
    11th March: 230.2
    18th March: 227.0
    25th March: 226.4
    1st April: 224.0

    Weight lost/gained this week: -2.4
    Weight lost/gained this month: -7.2

    Successes/struggles this week: Made it to my goal. Super happy! Looking forward to next month!
  • StrawbC
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    Name: Strawberry
    Age: 50
    Height: 5' 10"

    Start Weight (1st March): 228.8
    Goal Weight (1st April): 219 or about 99kgs This would be amazing but will take some effort as I've only lost on average under 2 pounds a week so losing 10 in a month will need some serious effort...

    1st March: 228.8
    8th March: 227.3
    15th March: 224.8
    22nd March: 221.5
    29th March: 221.7
    1st April: 220.4

    Weight lost this week: 1.3lbs
    Weight lost this month. 8.4lbs

    I can be proud of March Effort. Apart from losing 8.4lbs for the month I have started on my Bikram YOga Journey and though it is tough I'm loving it. Not quite there with my original goal for the month of 219 lbs bit 220.4 is pretty dam close and I'm happy. I knew it was a stretch when I made the goal and really all I wanted was to get under 100kgs by the end of MArch and I did that even if it is only by .1 of a Kg. Good Month!!!! I'm happy,,, April will be easier month with a more realistic goal - lets say a consolidation month, By the way did I mention I'm happy!!

    WK 1 A better week, hitting the exercise hard, well hard for me and this is starting to show.. Yay me!! Though not feeling confident about reaching the March Goal

    Wk 2 Not the best week & not the best start... Far too much high sugar & empty calorie foods. Focus girlfriend... Focus... Pretty good movie to by the way..

    WK 3 Surprised by this result. Haven't had the best of weeks but a great loss and I feel more positive about racing my March goal

    Wk 4 7.1lbs - Grrrrrrrr... so cranky with self So close to my goal I can taste it yet the self saboteur came in to full flight and I spent a whole day eating non stop. I'm lucky it was only a .2 of a lb increase. Probably won't make it now but still overall the month has been a good one
  • TerriRichardson112
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    March 2015 Weight Loss Challenge

    Name: Terri
    Age: 67
    Height: 5'2"
    Start weight (1st March): 196 lbs
    Goal weight (1st April): 190lbs

    Weigh ins:

    1st Mar: 196 lbs
    8th Mar: 194 lbs
    16th Mar: 193 lbs
    22nd Mar: 191 lbs
    29th Mar: 191 lbs
    1st April: 189 lbs

    Weight loss/gain this week: - 2 lbs
    Weight loss/gain so far this month: - 7 lbs

    Successes this week:
    * Passed my target for March.
  • TerriRichardson112
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    Hi Everyone!!!

    Well done everyone!!!!

    Name: Maria
    Age: 42
    Height: 5'5"

    Start Weight (1st March): 170lbs
    Goal Weight (1st April): 160lbs

    1st March: 170lbs
    8th March: 170lbs
    15th March: 170lbs
    22nd March: 167lbs
    29th March: 168.5lbs
    1st April: 168.5lbs

    Weight lost/gained this week: 0lbs
    Weight lost/gained this month: -1.5lbs

    Successes/struggles this week:

    Not been a great week (month) for me to be honest. Under a lot of stress and having difficulty sleeping.

    Good Luck in April everyone!!!

    Thanks for setting this up.
  • celticlass69
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    Name: Sharon
    Age: 52
    Height: 5'5"

    Start Weight (1st March): 159
    Goal Weight (1st April): 155

    1st March: 159
    8th March: 158
    15th March: 156
    22nd March: 155
    29th March: 155
    1st April: 155

    Weight lost/gained this week: 0
    Weight lost/gained this month: lost 4

    Successes/struggles this week:
    March 1 - struggling with bloating and constipation
    March 8 - eating within 1200 calories
    March 15 - mild bloating (no salads for 2 days and no mini meals throughout the day),
    dealing with hubby who wants to eat not healthily
    March 22 - Again suffering from bloating, trying to have higher fibre foods and flax, Hurt back yesterday so unable to exercise, still sore today.
    March 29 - Had terrible week, Gained 4 pounds and lost 4 pounds, only explanation I can figure is a combination of Ground Flax seed (2 tbsp/day) was too much and I was blocked up combined with the pain killers I was taking last week due to hurt neck/back. Thankfully I've managed to loose it again. Stopped the Flax and ate corn to help pass the block, it worked.

    Managed to hit the target of 155. Learned alot this month about my body.
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    Are going to do an April challenge? Will we start a new thread?
    Thanks everyone!!
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    Rebamae wrote: »
    Are going to do an April challenge? Will we start a new thread?
    Thanks everyone!!

    Yup, the April thread was announced a few days ago...
  • Rebamae
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    Thank you! I could not find it :o
  • Dragn77
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    Rebamae wrote: »
    Thank you! I could not find it :o

    Awe! No worries!! Come on over and join in! :smiley:

  • mefoolu
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    Name: May
    Age: 43
    Height: 5'

    Start Weight (1st March): 223
    Goal Weight (1st April): 215

    1st March: 223
    8th March: 219
    15th March: 219
    22nd March: 219
    29th March: 222
    1st April: 222
    Weight lost/gained this week: +3
    Weight lost/gained this month: -1

    This week successes: none

    This week struggle: stressful week. Can't seem to find the motivation to eat better and exercise.
  • zombiebrandy0112
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    Name: Brandy
    Age: 34
    Height: 5'4

    Start Weight (1st March): 144.4
    Goal Weight (1st April): 139

    1st March: 144.4
    7th March: 143.2 (-1.2)
    14th March: 141.6 (-1.6)
    21st March: 139.8 (-1.8)
    28th March: 139.0 (-0.8)
    1st April: 138.8 (-0.2)

    Weight lost/gained this week: (-0.2)
    Weight lost/gained this month: (-5.6)

  • MattMMorrissey
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    Name: Matt

    Start Weight (3/01/15):202
    Goal Weight (1st April):188

    1st March:202
    8th March:198
    15th March:193
    22nd March: 190
    28th March: 187
    1st April: 183

  • buzzardsrule
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    Name: Nadine
    Age: 49
    Height: 5ft 6in

    Start Weight (1st March): 135.8 lbs
    Goal Weight (1st April): 130 lbs

    1st March: 135.8 lbs
    8th March: 134.2 lbs
    15th March: 134.2 lbs
    22nd March: 132.8 lbs
    29th March: 133.2 lbs
    1st April: 133.2 lbs

    Weight gained this week: 0 lbs
    Weight lost this month: 2.6 lbs

    Successes/struggles this week: I've been to a conference for 3 days and thankful that I haven't gained loads of weight.
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    edited April 2015
    Name: Sarah
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'5"

    Start Weight (1st March): 145
    Goal Weight (1st April): 130

    1st March: 145
    8th March:141
    1st April:136

    Weight lost/gained this month: 9
    Successes/struggles this week: Only 6 pounds away from my already ambitious goal. but I think i did well considering i barely worked out or ate healthy. im still thankful for this weightloss least now i feel comfortable with myself and how i fit in my clothes=]